212 Chapter 212-Phase 1

"This place is quite well built, isn't it?"

Nora asked as we kept walking through the luxurious hallways, I didn't deny her as that was the truth, this city was filled with the powerful and the rich that wanted their shady deals done, just the money received from all this was astronomical, thus the city itself was built for the rich to enjoy, plus no one knows its exact location, well except for me and that's a story for another time. turning to Nora I responded,

"Well only the rich come here and the accommodations were built to fit it"

"Sigh....the world truly is a bit dark"

"It really is"

I nodded my head as we reached a private room, the woman in front of me nodded her head at me as she opened the door, making me come upon an extremely furnished room, the room was 5 star to say the least, as there was a wide wall of glass to see them play, there was a carriage of foods arranged around.


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