The Conquerors bloodline

Be warned, this story heavily revolves around sexual content. You have been warned. While there is plot, it is not the focus. *** Parc Evans was taken from his home world and thrust into another. Tasked with the chance of becoming a king of conquerors he travels through dimensions. Taking on and conquering all who stand before him. *** I make no claim to owning any characters or settings except those of my own making. *** Discord: https://discord.gg/t2usr5e4qh Patron: https://www.patreo*n.com/Lasarus Remove the * from the Patron link.

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Entering the Hovel

"Just… how did you build this so quickly?" Lili asked with befuddlement laden in her tone as she inspected the quite ornate and hardly ramshackle underground compound Parc had so nonchalantly told them he'd built himself.

Parc huffed with amusement, "I've got a good pickaxe and a lot of free time. Plus," he shrugged, "I haven't really been doing the most amount of work I could be. I've been a little… preoccupied," he glanced Summer's way.

She flushed, her lips wiggling as she though, 'because you've been to busy have sex with me…" in the corner of her eye spotting one of rubbers she'd missed when she went through the place to clean it up. Lili seemed to notice it and the faintest smell of sex lingering about and cast Summer definitely not judging blank look.

"Ehe, uh, I'm, I think I need the bathroom," Summer made the excuse and quickly bolted to the tainted object to tear it from the floor and disappear into the tunnels of Parc's hovel before bursting into the outside, her arm cocked back launching the thing into the distance hoping her embarresment would go with it. Not seconds later did she pause and think, "that… that's biodegradable isn't it?" something that left her staring after the flapping thing, that staring soon turning to rushing after because she didn't want to ruin the ecosystem with a bird eating something like 'that'.

Back in the well lit hovel, Lili had arched her eyes Parc's way while Ferry was looking around, inspecting all the various amenities like a long black remote that made her jump when she pressed it and a crystalline blue screen suddenly lit up with the lavender haired and amber eyed face of the VNN's new reporter, Lisa Lavender, though she spoke not a word even though her lips were moving.

Lili caught sight of the scene and was thrown through a loop, "how do you have any reception here?"

Parc shrugged, "I have no idea," chuckling as he walked to Ferry's side, every step closer making the faunus flush and squirm. Leaning down, he took the remote from her and while holding it infront of her pressed a button with a speaker and several line's that increased the volume until the anchors voice could be heard.

"…evening two more dust stores were robbed. Surveillance footage has place Roman Torchwick at the scene," on the screen besides her appeared a smaller squar within which a short video played of a white suited, orange haired, tumbler bowler hat wearing 'gentleman' was exiting a store carrying a briefcase filled with what was presumed to be dust crystals. "Currently it is unclear why Vale's police force has been unable to capture him, whether it is sheer incompetence or them being utterly incapable of doing the slightest to keep our beautiful city safe, it is still an embarrassment that this has been going on for so long. Coming up later today though we will be having an exclusive interview with the head of Vale's defence committee, congress man Tawny Ash-"

As she spoke, Parc began to murmur, "having someone in the news might be useful…" if not as an extra incentive for Ozpin to keep his head out of Parc's business then he could use them as a way of spreading information to possibly help pull Remnant together and get that challenge dealt with. "She does also look pretty good," he pinched his chin and though he couldn't see her fully it was still obvious she was quite the looker, if not a bit intimidating with those sharp eyes that made her seemingly always look pissed off.

"You're a playboy, aren't you?" Lili asked, she had already known it, or at least guessed as such but seeing him so unashamedly mumble words of desire about another woman was somewhat altering her perception of him. Not to anywhere bad mind you, but it was still altering her perception of him. He was still her hero and she owed everything about her current life to him, so dealing with him being a playboy was the least she could do.

"Hmm," Parc pondered, "eh, I'm more than a playboy," he shrugged, "I'm like a greedy king who wants a bunch of wives and concubines." He winked down to the minute raccoon earning a faint flush from her.

"I'm… I'm neither of those for your information," she puffed her chest out and turned her head away. "I owe you a lot, don't get me wrong, if it wasn't for you, I would be trapped on that Island and treated like a toy by those sick fuckers. But… I'm not something anyone should be vying for as anything romantic." A solemn darkness took to her expression, one that even pulled Ferry away from her nuzzling against Parc's side to spread his scent over herself and turned to look at her. Her hand clenching her upper arm until her hand turned white. "I mean, I'm also so small. "

Ferry frowned, skirted around Parc and quickly wrapped her arms around the girl pulling Lili into her chest to calm her. "It's alright." Ferry whispered in what Parc could surmount to her version of Summer's puppy voice.

Lili was quick to notice the strange tone and while struggling to pull her head out of the girls unassuming chest asked, "what are you doing?" with puffed red cheeks.

"Hugging you," and patting her back gently, "Summer does this for me when I'm sad or scared and it makes me happy. Does it make you happy?" a truly worried voice escaped Ferry that her nursing hug wouldn't make her best friend happy.

Lili paused, cheeks twitching as she though of how much this was like a mother trying to coddle her child into not bawling. Pushing her hands against Ferry's belly, Lili forcefully parted herself from the girl and turned away with a huff, "I'm not a child anymore, don't treat me like that."

Though she acted tough it was plain for Parc to see that she did in fact enjoy the hug from how tilted her lips were into a smile. "So when did you and Summer become a thing?" Deciding to shift the conversation to a place that wasn't her, Lili asked.

Parc seated himself atop the couch he'd recently put into the hovel. "Not long," he answered just as a panting flurry of red and white petals burst into the room.

"I… haa-haa… I caught it…" she said holding up a condom before the three, one of which had no idea what the shiny thing was she was holding. Only realizing what she was doing when she saw the blank looks both Parc and Lili were giving her. She glanced to the spunk filled condom and flushed, rapidly, she pulled her hand behind her back to hide it, her pale complexion turning her namesake shade of red.

Lili looked to Parc, her eyes portraying a questions and judgement, 'really? Her?' he sensed the raccoon say.

"She may be a bit of an airhead but she's pretty good in bed and she's got the looks. It levels out the weirdness on the scale of hotness."

Summer burst, steam coming to rise from her head, "excuse me! I would rather you not talk about me like that!"

He simply lifted a hand and waved her away, "yeah, yeah. Anyways, don't you want to talk to these two about something?"

She paused, then trembled, going pale again, "oh, uh, right. Just give me a second," Summer turned to a bushel of petals, darting to the openform kitchen to open the bin up and throw the spent thing into it, never to be seen again before quickly washing her hands free of the lubricant.

"Right, uh, sit down, I guess?" she found herself besides Parc and indicated for the two girls to take the double seater not far away. When they did, Summer found her expression faltering as she was unsure about what to say, "oh god, how do I explain this? I didn't even know we were going to tell them this." She said to Parc with a hushed reverb.

"Would you rather them not know? Because, I can do that. This is more just for you than anything. So tell them, don't tell them, I'm down for anything."

"Tell us what?" Lili asked overhearing their hushed conversation.

Summer tilted her gaze to the girl, her mouth parting but no words coming out as she was still trying to process what she should tell the two. Eventaully, after much deliberation, Summer sighed, "So, it's like this…"



Allright, let me run some things by you all.

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Highschool DxD

Testament of the sister new devil

And then to add even more complexities to this with Highschool DxD and Sister Devil. Should I blend them together into one world?

And by that I mean I pick one of them to be the main focus of the world and just bring in a few characters from the other world. To that degree, which one do you think should be the focus?

Highschool DxD or Testament of the sister new devil?

Or do you still want Danmachi?


I'll add another thing I've been going over for a bit now. Most likely, I'll still keep TCB ending after the next two worlds I've basically got that set in stone. But after that I might be tempted to start up another fanfic but keep it exclusively in one world and ditch the whole multiversal thing as I'm realizing it really mixes up power balancing and the like. I should warn, this isn't set in stone. I've got a limited amount of time in the day and I'm already spreading myself thin between writing 2 stories weekly + a 3rd unreleased project and drawing. So if I do do another fanfic it'll likely be a decent bit in the future after TCB, likely after I finish MGR or that.


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