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Hey daytoy here.Whoever is reading this review should first know that i like and support this novel and the author.Its an interesting story and when I say this I mean that it's different. It won't be the typical bl omegaverse stories you must have read or have imagined to be. The characters are different and the story development is on point. There's suspense and excitement. MLs are not your typical Mr. Perfect and Mr. Clumsy and that's different and refreshing (especially for those who read a lot of bl novels). Why to read this novel: a. It's a bl。◕‿◕。ಡ ͜ ʖ ಡ b. Omegaverse (my favourite and m sure you also like this concept of alpha-omega cuz it's thrillllling(✯ᴗ✯). c. A different not-so-typical plot. d. On point story development. e. You will develop a love-hate relationship with ml. f. Will make you fee frustrated and excited at the same time. g. Author is very sweet and friendly.So you also form a bond with the story writer who will give you clues here n there and will interact and ask what you feel about the characters and story in general. h.chapters are updated regularly. So even if it's on air novel (idk if it's the right word) you don't have to wait for long for next chapters cuz the author updates everyday 2-3 chapters. That's all for now cuz I have to go take a shower immediately (mom's yelling). I may comeback to write another review on the story. Worth reading so now go read dear! (≧▽≦)

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I have yet to finish the story, however, I felt compelled to write a review, because, the author deserves the appreciation that is due to them! Initially, it took me a while to get accustomed to the characters, since, the names were a bit unclear to me (That's solely my fault though, Tee-Hee!). This is one of those stories, where you can feel the emotions that the characters themselves feel. Everything feels so real, the frustration, the confusion, the concern, even the love hidden in the smallest of the actions possible. The friendship between the closely knitted group, it's so pure and idealistic, like, yeah, get yourself a group like Wonho's! ✨ This story, it has touched the hard-to-talk-about topics and has kept it up, quite skillfully at that. Like, I said, it feels real, and, imagining scenarios/set-ups through the guidance of words, it's just a whole different level of joy! Also, the author is really kind, I think. They (I am sorry, author, I don't know whether you are girl or a boy.) have this interaction with the readers. It's really a good trait of yours! 🤗


Self promotion just to kick start the review ^^;; OMG so shameless xD This is a slowburn so the two MCs only meet after 20+ chapters. Before that will be the introduction to the two MCs and their attitude before the Prologue. Because their characters and dynamics with people around them will change drastically if not subtly after the incident. It can also be triggering for some people since it deals with real emotions people experience after a trauma. Hope you guys enjoy it as much as I enjoy writing!


man how can I read the locked chaps ..I'm just a **** ..I don't have any money to buy coins....wahhh...anyone have any idea ...by daily I can only read one chap by unlocking....wahhhhh


The best ABO BL I've ever read. The relationship is realistic, moving and sweet with an appropriate amount of angst, sweetness and fluff. The story is so vivid and beautiful. Worth every coins spent ☺️😂 So good that I binged it just before exams hahaha, all read in one day 😭🤣


I want to read but at the same time,am afraid i will cry,somebody help me...because you can see the story will be really good...i want to read but the tags is heart wrenching


This story is good! Yes, it's slowburn, but it's not boring. I love the way the author described every character in this story. It sounded realistic for me[img=recommend]


Hey Daytoy here Are you contemplating whether to read this novel or not?? Just start reading it Do it! I also haven't finished reading it because of my messed up schedule so let's finish it together I am sure you will enjoy it dear (♡ω♡ ) ~♪


I love this novel, but the unfortunate thing is that chapters are closed


started this book last night and finished all available chapters in one sitting. looking forward to the rest of the story. very well written and interesting character development throughout. 👌


OMG THAT'S WHY I SAID IT'S SO FAMILIAR!! It was a fanfiction right? But the names are altered. I was about to report it to the author but the author was the same as the one I read back in 2018. (I already read that version but there's nothing wrong reading this version, so I'll give this a go) I was shocked to see this here. Love it


I loved this so much omg I hate that it ended I want and need more I'm so obsessed with it 💞💗💕🥰💗🥰💞💕😍😍😍😍💕💞🥰💗. I would change nothing but I want and need more of this sooooooo much moooorrrrreeeeee💗🥰💞💕😍💗🥰💞💕😍💗🥰💞💕😍💗🥰💞💕😍




I like how they both had growth and really learned from their relationship and communication mistakes. It's great how they wete able to make the hard choice to separate so that they both could heal from their traumas before and seeing if they really were the one for each other.


It took some times for me to finish this because the opening is pretty hard to swallow for me. I really like how the character portrayed here though, the struggle and the healing process. Ngl, it tears me up reading all the inner monologue. Here, takes this 5* from me.


I love the rollercoaster of emotions This book made me feel. I laughed I cried I was biting my nails in suspense this book was really strong at times but so worth the read it was truly amazing. I only have one issue Minwoo’s Mother died giving birth to her third pregnancy and you left us hanging on the third pregnancy if you can give us an extra chapter just to give us peace of mind to make sure Wonho is OK …..Or me being another time skip pretty please🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏


I love this book. I actually initially read the first couple chapters, put the book down when real life stuff came up, and couldn't stop thinking about it! It's easily one of my favorites on this entire site. I absolutely cried at the end, but the epilogue made it so worth it. Just yes. Thank you author!


this book is so addicting can't get enough[img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend]


This is so incredibly well written with a satisfying ending. This is by far one of my favorite books on here <3 I highly recommend it if you like the slow burn


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