1 Prologue

[Trigger warning]


That is all he can feel.

The sharp excruciating pain he felt moments ago is gone now and all that is left is numbness.

He couldn't see anything clearly, is it because of his tears? But he isn't crying…

There are red stains on his fingers… He remembers scratching the asphalts when the man first took him.

It is so painful he thought he could die. He should have bled to death by now. But he hasn't.

His body is still harshly rubbing against the pavement; he should be in pain. Why isn't he feeling anything?

All he can hear are ringing and the sound of the hard breaths of his attacker.

And the sound of growling. And another howl. And another…

How many more are waiting?

Is this how his life will end?

While being taken mercilessly in some alley?

Imagine what his friends will feel when they hear that?

He failed them. They were trying really hard to protect him and he failed them.

And this is his punishment.

He deserves this.

He should have stuck with the main road.

He shouldn't have tried to avoid the alphas and ran towards the alley.

He should have tried to outrun the alphas.

Now look at him.


Wonho screams and shakes involuntarily as he feels a strong pair of hands trying to hold his shoulders in place, the weight of the alpha heavy. Breathing harshly, he closes his eyes as another sharp pain hits him when he feels the weight being lifted slightly before it returns, with more pressure pushing him further into the hard pavement. Almost crushing him.

Another howl.

He hates that sound. But aside from the constant ringing and shuffling noise, that is the only sound he can hear.

Are the alphas getting excited again?

When will this torture end?

When will they stop?

Wonho feels his himself choking from crying, not remembering how long he had been held here. Not recalling how many times he was broken in.

Wanting to return to complete numbness.

Stop it. Pathetic.

They won't care.

Nobody cares.

Wonho tries to curl himself into a ball once the pressure on top of him is gone. Unfortunately, as soon as it did, another one took it's place. Tired, he closes his eyes as feels the alpha on top of him pushing his head towards the rough pavement. Another hand holds his upper arm, pulling it down. He shivers as cold air brushes against his skin, but that is quickly replaced by the hot breath of his attacker. He is whispering something but Wonho cannot make anything. He can only feel the heat getting closer…

No it can't be.


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