1 Season 1; It's a Mortal Curse.

[ Elle has detected the Curse of Death, Fiery Lightning, and the Fortress of Steel is latching onto your soul and body. ]

So there is more than just one curse?

[ Details of Curse of Death. { Open }, { Close } ]

[ Details of Fiery Lightning. { Open }, { Close } ]

[ Details of the Fortress of Steel. { Open }, { Close } ]

Let's sort it out. I don't have much time since the Temple isn't far away, so I'll just have to read about Curse of Death. I clicked the { Yes } of the "Curse of Death."

[ Unveiling the Information of Curse of Death | Status: Complete ]

[ Curse of Death ]

- < Information: "The Curse of Death is a magical trait possessed by hybrids of black and red mages. They are otherwise known as Necromancers. This magical trait allows the trait possessor to awaken the dead he has killed. But this is only if the body or bones of the killed individual is on the scene of awakening. Once the dead are awakened, they will become loyal servants to the Necromancer and live a new life as his sword and shield. Furthermore, The Curse of Death of Civil Alarie Jadestone de Valois possesses is the Mist and Cloud Curse. Thus, this Necromancer is fit to merge with elements like lightning or any electric conductors. This is the first after millions of years since the possessors of Mist and Cloud Necromancer appeared."

- < Skills:

"Amorphe fondement [ { SS } Tier ] - The power to give souls a formless cloud body that allows them to communicate and serve the living or the Necromancer."

"Se lever [ { SSS IX } Tier ] - A skill that allows you to awaken and make the dead live again, but this time, as immortals bounded with your soul and time. "

"Fais le [ { SS } Tier ] - The ability to make your army obey your commands without a hint of disobedience, even if it means sacrificing their lives for your sake."

"Lien [ { Passive } Tier ] - A bond that allows your immortals to live forever. If their formless body or undead body or body disintegrates, they can regenerate using your essence."

"Onttrek [ { AZ } Tier ] - The ability to extract the memories of those that you killed and made as your undead to serve you forever. "

"Verswelg [ { DVN } Tier ] - A divine tier skill that allows you to extract life force from the dead or killed. You can restore your vitality by using such skill."

"Vlak op [ { DVN } Tier ] - The strongest ability amongst the Curse of Death that allows your army to become stronger once they fulfill the requirements."

- < Un-awakened Phase: "The Curse of Death's un-awakened phase is a stage where the cursed suffers the transition into becoming a Necromancer. The effects vary to your talent in becoming a Necromancer. High-Affinity Necromancers usually face the hardest effects during the transitioning. These effects are as known; Constant Headaches, Nightmares, Connecting to the Abyss, Seizures, Sting in the Heart, Body becoming Frail, Misfortune, Random Bruises, Losing Vision for a period from time to time, Strong Sense of Anxiety, and the wanting to overexert your capabilities."

"It's this amazing?" I suddenly uttered my thoughts.

Sebastian stopped his horse and shifted his direction to me. "What is?" he asked.

"Ah, this card. It functions very well. Katherine can really message me even from this distance." I excused.

"Is that so?" he bitterly turned back to the front and continued to move his horse.

What's up with this guy?

Going back to the Curse of Death. It does mention that I will have the following symptoms. I have some of the symptoms already but not all of it. Does that mean I haven't gotten through all of them yet and have to go through it? Then it'll probably mean that I have to go through all of that before becoming an official Necromancer, right?

Then if I manage to avoid or stop these symptoms, it means I get to stop becoming a Necromancer. I still have hope. I'm sure that the Temple has a solution for this. If not, where else?

"The Temple is up ahead. It's way closer to the Adventurer Building than I thought." Sebastian informed.

If I consider becoming a Necromancer, I can't help but say it is an overpowering power. But I am already sixteen, too old to pursue the path of Necromancy. And I've grown fond of the path as a Knight. It's a no-go for me.

"Please leave your horses on the stable." a low-ranking priest stopped our movement, guiding his arm towards behind us, a few yards away.

"That's too far. What if our horses get stolen?" Sebastian argued.

The priest did not speak but blocked our way insistently.

"Come now, Atlas. We mustn't cause trouble in the holy lands." I turned my horse and headed to the far away from the stable.

The Temple in front of us is clean. There were a couple of trees around the flat fields, where children are playing. At the end of the fields that surrounded the Temple is the endless forest.

Temples back in the dukedom usually are in the middle of villages or cities.

As for counties like this, they usually desert themselves in the middle of a forest, far from the cities. Well, they don't "particularly" go far from the villages. I'm sure there are multiple villages near this Temple. I know because we were just in one a few hours ago.

We leashed our forces in the stables and gave the silver to the stableman. Then we marched back at the pathway towards the Temple.

"Please come this way, guests." the priest led us into the Temple.

Everything is so white and holy. But I felt uneasy. I felt as if everyone is looking towards me scornfully.

"I feel uneasy," I whispered to Sebastian.

Sebastian looked at me, "Are you sure? Then what if you're really cursed?" he looked worried.

I looked away, "Maybe."

It's true. I am cursed. But I can't just tell Sebastian that after traveling with him for many days, complaining about my constant headaches and nightmares.

"Agnis, we have guests?" another man, except taller and has more lengthy clothes, spoke.

"Yes, Cardinal." the priest responded.

A Cardinal. What's a Cardinal doing here? Isn't the Cardinal supposed to be in the Capital's main Holy Temple? Did he sense us? And he seems to show a little bit of disgust, despite his luxurious smile.

"What business do you have, Adventurers?" asked the Cardinal.

I stared at him, "To ask for help."

"Let me take it from here, Agnis." The Cardinal informed the priest.

The priest nodded and left us to the Cardinal. He still pretended to smile, guiding us into the Temple.

Is there some sort of vibe I carry that makes him know I have a curse? I don't feel nervous or guilty. Isn't that the reason why I came here? To be healed and rid of a curse that I never once wanted?

"Cardinal!" a woman called out, hurrying towards the Cardinal. "I sense something... oh." she hesitated but looked at me. "We have guests," she said, smiling.

"Archbishop Catlyn, do mind your actions." the Cardinal softly scolded the woman before us.

She looked down, "Forgive me, Cardinal. Please, this way."

"Where are you taking us?" Sebastian blurted out.

Oh, I forgot to ask that, too. I was wondering where they're taking us. I guess I just felt eager to get rid of my curse?

The Cardinal turned towards us. "Somewhere private where we can talk," he responded.

Sebastian spoke again, "We'd like to hurry this. My master would like to be treated first. I assume that going with you isn't part of what we came here. Let us seek for another priest, and we'll be joining you afterward."

He's right. It does seem suspicious in his side for a Cardinal to usher us, and plus an Archbishop to join. And like what the Cardinal said, he's taking us somewhere to talk privately, not to cure me or rid of the curse within me. Why did I not think of that?

"I'm afraid there won't be any priest willing to help him. Your name, sir?" the Cardinal turned to me.

"Vil Jadestone." I introduced myself.

"Mr. Jadestone. I assume that you know what is wrong with you, since you weren't worried one bit, right?" he asked.

I looked at Sebastian, who was confused and wary. What should I say?

Well, it's not like I tell him everything. This curse is the top priority.

I look back at the Cardinal, "Yes, I do know a gist of it."

The Cardinal smiled, "Then please, follow me. Too much-prying eyes, or to say human ears." The Cardinal then turned back to the direction and led us someplace else. It seems the Archbishop followed us, too. And he looks young.

After a few minutes of walking, we stopped before two massive doors guarded by Holy Paladins. I could feel their Holy Essence radiating. I can tell they're both strong. I'm sure Sebastian is agitated right now.

"Cardinal," the Holy Paladins kneeled to greet the Cardinal.

"Rise thou Heaven's children," the Cardinal spoke.

The Paladins held the grip of their swords. "Cardinal, do you-"

The Cardinal stopped them with just a gesture of his hand.

"Yes, Cardinal." The Paladins nodded and opened the massive doors.

It was a church. A humongous statue at the end of the room, a podium, a symbol of the Holy God, and long benches. Except everything seems too white.

The Cardinal led us to the corner-right of the large vicinity. There, a door resided. He opened it, and inside was just any ordinary room with a table and chairs.

"Please, sit down."

"Is it okay for her to be here?" I asked.

The Cardinal looked at the Archbishop. "Do not worry about Archbishop Catlyn. She's more potent than I am, and she may have the solution to your problem."

"I see. This is my trusted subordinate, Atlas."

The Cardinal smiled.

"How do you know my problem, Cardinal?" I asked.

"Straight into business, I see. Do tell us your names first, Adventurers." he remained smiling. "I'm sure you aren't just some nameless Adventurers with IDs. No matter how hard you try to look poor and homeless, you can never betray the eyes of a fellow nobleman."

"I see." I looked at him. "I am Civil of Dukedom de Valois. This is my companion, Sebastian of the Dukedom de Valois."

"So you're not natives of County Luis. What makes you come from the neighboring dukedom to here, Adventurers?" asked the Cardinal.

I did not answer. Well, there isn't much to say. After all, we went here to run away from my crazy Father pretending to die. And that I wanted to get out of his reach to follow the path of Knighthood even if it means becoming a Wandering Knight.

"Oh, forgive me. I guess we cannot be trusted yet. But do know that this is not an inspection but a precaution." The Cardinal explained.

I sighed. "First things first, I am Prince Civil Alarie de Valois, son of Isaiah Trottier de Valois. I've come to the County of my Uncle, Count Luis, to fulfill my mission in becoming a successful wandering knight. And this is Sebastian von Bryce, Son of Baron and Baroness Bryce."

The Archbishop and Cardinal's eyes widen as they know our real identity. They both stood and bowed.

I didn't wanna resort into revealing our identities. But now that it has come to this, I have no choice.

"Forgive us for our impudence, your highness," they spoke while maintaining their bow.

Well, they really don't have to go this far. I'm only a prince in name. Not really royalty. Just part of the royal family. "Ahh... please, be at ease. I am not here to rub my title on anyone's presence."

"But still, your highness...," the Archbishop muttered. "Everyone knows for a fact how highly we regard rankings after humans have invaded our planes." the Archbishop explained.

She's right. Humans were clever to make use of the confusion in rankings. They used influential Marquises to fight off Dukes, Duchesses, Princes, and Princesses. Barons against Counts and Countesses. Viscounts against Dukes and Duchesses. Dukes and Duchesses against the Kings and Queens. Kings and Queens against the Emperor and Empress. And even Barons rebelling against Kings and Queens.

They were potent and wicked enough to support the influential individuals, but not until the Emperor and Empress issued the value of titles and rankings, thus creating the absolute hierarchy amongst noblemen.

I am a Prince. And with that, it's common knowledge that I am just below a Duke.

As a Prince of standing, the only people I have to greet and bow are the Emperor, Empress, and the Holy Saintess. All the other rankings of the Church has to respect my standing. And since I am the announced heir of the Dukedom de Valois, I am as equal as any other Dukes except my Father.

"I am a runaway heir. Titles and rankings are meaningless if one's rebelling." I told them. "But that's not what I came here for, Cardinal. Do help me with my problem."

"First of all, I've been quite rude and have not introduced myself. I am the Cardinal of Goddess Elanor, The Light Goddess, given the name of Lucius de Olve. This is the Archbishop of Goddess Elanor, given the name of Catlyn von Aglaia. As for your problem," he looked at the Archbishop, "We both may know something of it since the aura radiates all over the Temple. But if you want us to help, we must know all about it."

My face turned serious, "After returning back to the dukedom from the Capital, when the Selection of Fate occurred, Duke de Valois announced to me the possibility of me as a Mage Necromancer. This news brought terror to me along with my previous failure. So I left the dukedom and traveled here to register as an Adventurer, where I will thrive to become a wandering knight. But through my journey here, my headaches, nightmares, and other effects started to worsen. We thought the Temple could do something about this." I paused. I looked at the Cardinal in the eyes, "That's my story."

The Cardinal looked concerned, "The Curse of Death is following you. The moment you knew the possibility of you becoming a Necromancer, the Curse of Death began to shake and awaken inside you. I read about the awakening of Necromancers. The last stages are random bruises, losing vision, stinging in the heart, seizures, and hallucinations. It also says something about a large catastrophe happening in the last stage."

"Wait, hold on. You're a Necromancer, Vil? And you didn't even tell me? I knew you were a Mage but a Necromancer? Why haven't you told me-"

"Not now, Sebastian," I spoke. "Cardinal, is there any way for me to prevent the awakening? In any way?" I asked.

The Cardinal looked saddened, "I'm afraid I don't, your highness. Necromancers are so rare amongst the Mage blood, so there isn't much research and books. Most Necromancers side with the darkness and become enemies of the Empire that destroys everything in sight. News spread that there was a Necromancer that had gone to Earth. Maybe the Ancient Library has the spell to stop the awakening or Earth. But as for us? I'm afraid we cannot help you."

"Baptizing may be an option. But I doubt it'll help. I can try to slow down the process, but to stop it, that's another story." the Archbishop added.

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