40 The last straw that breaks the camel’s back

Escalior is in the north, so the most common season there are Autumn and Winter , Spring and Summer last only for 3 months.

Strangely, in this kingdom during winter the full moon appear at it peak, shining as the sun . In this kingdom , people thinks that when the moon is like that all the creatures of the night appear .




Someone was whistling in the dark , there was just a very very dim light but we couldn't still see the visage of the 'someone'

"EEEEDDDDWARRD, EEEEDDDDWARRD" he repeated the name of Edward

"EDWARD!!!" He shouted

Then suddenly Edward wake up. The sun rays were reflecting on his bed, he touched his face and sigh.

"It was a dream, again " he said in a low voice

As always, his face will turn pale for some minutes.

His marriage will be tomorrow and he felt a little weird because at first, April and him didn't appreciate each other and she wasn't really her type but in her , he found in her the most caring , kind person but yet very savage .

A smile appeared on his lips.

"Edward , who would have believe it, you smiling thinking of a woman" he said talking to himself .

After the servants and maids have finished preparing him, he when out of the room. He had some little things to do before tomorrow.

He was walking in the direction of the carriage when someone called him, he turned to the person.

"How are you, not too stressed?" Katherina Asked

"Stress? Why?" He asked confused

"But for your marriage " she said

"I don't see why I will be stressing. It is a normal day just like the others days" he said simply

She pushed him slightly "Don't say such things, for a woman it's a very important and special day for her" she said exasperated

He just shrugged.

"Are you in a hurry ?" She asked

"Yes a little bit, why? You need something? " he asked

"Yes, I want to talk to you" she said looking downward





They were in the large and beautiful living room still in his quarter.

"Yes, my ears are all yours" he said

She was quiet for few minutes before finally speaking.

" Ed.... I .. I still love you " She said

Edward was silent, his face show no expression.

"Don't tell me that you have forgotten all what we have done in just almost 2 months? "

"I haven't, but Katherina I told you that I have no feelings for any woman and that I will never love you, also I'm not a right man for you" He said with a harsh tune.

He said it so harshly because he knew very well Katherina, if he's not harsh in his words , she will not understand.

"I know.... " she said in a low voice almost sad

"So It means that you don't love April too" she added




April was beside the door watching them and waiting too the answer of Edward.

She felt a little sad because her family is not more there, they went to another kingdom so she felt lonely buy fortunately there's still Anabis. So she was directing herself to the kitchen when she had heard the discussion between Edward and Katherina. She caught the conversation when Edward was telling to Katherina that he will never love any woman and those words was almost as a heart attack to April.

"From your silence I know already your answer "Katherina Said

She approached him

"Ed just say yes"

She approached more and more and was about to kiss him.



"What is she?!! No! No! She will not do that. The worst is that the fool prince is not even pushing her" Said April to herself angry

"This time I will not leave . It's too much" she added

She directed herself to their direction.

"I hope I'm not disturbing " Said April sarcastically and with a smile that doesn't match which her face.

Katherina stopped her attempt of kissing Edward. Edward and Katherina looked at her.

" Yes, you're disturbing we were in an important discussion as you could see" Katherina said arrogantly

{ This b**ch is talking to me like that? } thought April getting more and more angry

"So if you can politely get out" Said Katherina with a smile

Edward was there with no expression on his face.

{ Ok, I will kill her } thought April

"No problem I'm leaving " Said April

She turned back and started moving.

Katherina turned back to Edward when she received water on her head flowing down to her body. She was surprised, when she turned to see who dare threw her and she saw April holding a jar of water on her hand.

"What's the..." She did not finished her phrase because April gave her a harsh and painful one.

Edward was stunned , since the beginning he face had no expression but what April did, he wasn't expecting that. Katherina wanted to talk again when she received another slap again .

"Listen , you disrespectful damn princesse. Firstly , nobody touche to something that belongs to me. Him, he's mine"

Edward was still stunned and Katherina was looking April as a mad person.

"Secondly, I can't tolerate that you disrespect me. So I'm going to teach you a good lesson that you will never forget " Added April

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