41 Finally...

April then threw Katherina on the floor , climbed on her and started to beat her.

''Help! Remove this primitive girl on me'' katherina shouted

Edward remove April on Katherina , Emerald , Anabis and some maids entered in the living room. Emerald took her sister and the others maids was looking at the scene, they almost force themselves not to laugh.

''Edward !! Let me go, I will show her a good lesson'' April said shouting

''Kath, What's all these? '' Asked Emerald

''That primitive girl just attack me with no reason '' Said Katherina pointing at her

''And I wil continue!!'' shouted April angrily.

''Edward bring April out from here'' said Emerald

They get out from the living room.

''What have you done again katherina ? '' Emerald Asked exasperated




Edward brought April in her room. He lay her on the floor and immediately April gave him a slap. Edward looked at her with indifferent then suddenly the man burst out of laugh .

''My savage doe! I wasn't knowing that I was yours?'' He said teasing her

''I really said that?! '' she asked blushing

''I was angry. Don't think that I thought what I was seeing '' She said

''They don't touch things that belong to me'' he said mimicking April

''Heh!! Stop that'' April said embarrassed

''Well.....I'm yours'' he said with a smirk ''No, I will be yours in one day left'' he said leaving April in her room blushing hard.

Anabis entered in her room.

''Your highness ''

''Please Anabis don't say anything, I'm already to embarrassed '' Said April

''Well done your highness. She deserved it'' She said with a smile

''I think also ''

And they both started laughing.





The next day, was the day of the marriage. All the kingdom was upside down , arranging the last things that have to be done.

Five maids were in the chamber of April , preparing her.

''Woow !! Your highness, you're too beautiful '' said the maids

''Thank you!''

They went out leaving Anabis with April.

''Mom..I'm getting married '' she said with a low voice.





In the throne room, almost all the kingdom was present in this marriage.

Edward was waiting for her inside the throne room. When she entered,all the room became quite, she walked on the long red carpet , Edward was impressed by the beauty of his savage doe. She arrived where he was and stood beside him, he hold her chin and smiled at her.

Note: Now the real story can start!! You will discover the mystery behind the royal family and paranormal of the story in the next un coming chapters

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