THE CHOICE: My King or My Knight?

[COMPLETE] When Zara walked in on her boyfriend sleeping with another woman, she cursed God for the lack of good men in this miserable, modern world. Then she woke up in a romantic land of honorable Knights and the Royal Court. There, Zara is stunned to find herself one of eighteen women called The Select, from which the handsome, powerful King will choose his bride. She finds the magnetic King compelling. But her dashing Knight Defender has declared his love—and vows to save her from certain death: Tradition requires every woman in the Select who is not the King’s chosen bride to be executed to cover her family’s shame. Yet, the King is also making his intention to win Zara clear. None of this would matter if it was just a dream. But Zara is soon forced to accept that this is no fantasy. Which means each man—and his love—is real. And this world is a deadly nightmare. As the tension between the two men grows, Zara must make a choice. But how can a woman choose between a powerful King and a deadly Knight? Especially when either would kill to keep her? Are you #TeamKing or #TeamKnight? COVER IMAGE: Copyright (c) 2023 Author AimeeLynn

AimeeLynn · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
439 Chs

The Royal Wedding 

~ ZARA ~

I sat at the beautiful vanity that they had brought into David's quarters for me, inlaid in gold filigree, with an oval-topped mirror as tall as I was, but mounted above it.

I'd pretended to throw a fit when there was a shadow cast across the mirror by the headboard of David's huge bed, so they'd rushed servants in to mount lamps to either side of it.

I hated playing that game, but David had been utterly clear: Everyone needed to believe I was now in control of the Arinel crown—and David's jewels—so that it would keep my father questioning whether I was remaining a Physicist.

It had been a few weeks since his last disaster of a wedding. But neither of us cared much about the ceremony beyond finally being free to show ourselves to the world, so we'd just repeated all his plans with Lizbeth and set the servants on their way.