THE CHOICE: My King or My Knight?

Author: AimeeLynn
Fantasy Romance
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What is THE CHOICE: My King or My Knight?

Read ‘THE CHOICE: My King or My Knight?’ Online for Free, written by the author AimeeLynn, This book is a Fantasy Romance Novel, covering COMEDY Fiction, TRANSMIGRATION Light Novel, ISEKAI Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: [COMPLETE] When Zara walked in on her boyfriend sleeping with another woman, she cursed God for the lack of good men in ...


[COMPLETE] When Zara walked in on her boyfriend sleeping with another woman, she cursed God for the lack of good men in this miserable, modern world. Then she woke up in a romantic land of honorable Knights and the Royal Court. There, Zara is stunned to find herself one of eighteen women called The Select, from which the handsome, powerful King will choose his bride. She finds the magnetic King compelling. But her dashing Knight Defender has declared his love—and vows to save her from certain death: Tradition requires every woman in the Select who is not the King’s chosen bride to be executed to cover her family’s shame. Yet, the King is also making his intention to win Zara clear. None of this would matter if it was just a dream. But Zara is soon forced to accept that this is no fantasy. Which means each man—and his love—is real. And this world is a deadly nightmare. As the tension between the two men grows, Zara must make a choice. But how can a woman choose between a powerful King and a deadly Knight? Especially when either would kill to keep her? Are you #TeamKing or #TeamKnight? COVER IMAGE: Copyright (c) 2023 Author AimeeLynn

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Aimee Lynn has done it again, creating another book with amazingly complex characters and a storyline to match them. Zara is no lady in waiting or damsel in distress, and she’s got some tasty MLs to choose from! ❤️


I love this story. The author's creativity astounds me. Modern woman meets historical fantasy. It's like the Bachelor meets Renaissance! It's sweet and humorous. Every chapter leaves me wanting more!!❤️


I am IN LOVE with this newest book from my favorite WN author. She has ONCE AGAIN taken transmigration, a trope I never really think I like, and made it alive and vibrant and thrilling. With her one of a kind writing style, she just perfectly squeeezes all of the juice out of every moment, nothing wasted, and I just can’t wait to read each new chapter.


Aimee is one of the best writers on this app and doesn’t get nearly enough recognition! This story is hilarious, romantic, and thrilling! So many mysteries to unravel! She spoils us by writing consistently with lots of updates, but I’m still chomping at the bit for more! If you’re not reading this story you’re missing out!


Reveal spoiler


Author Aimee is so amazing in sharing her gift of writing. I have jumped to read this book and am loving the story lin. She still is tje queen of cliffhangers so have your coffee ☕️ ready 🥰.


This story sucks you in right from the start! Our girl is a straight shooter, funny and speaks her mind and now finds herself a fish out of water. I’m chomping at the bit for every chapter and can’t wait for more of her snarky antics and how she navigates her new world and the men in it. Bravo Aimee, this is gonna be another hit!


Aimee is one of the best authors on this App! If you aren’t reading her books, you’re missing out! 📖 The FL in this book is hilarious, 🤣 and the two ML’s are hard to choose between. 🫦 Aimee always has amazing twists to her stories, and things rarely end the way you expect, but it’s always a happy ending! I can’t wait to see where this story goes! 🎉


As are all of Aimee’s books, this is a terrific book! From the beginning we see the main character thrown into an unexpected twist of fate. What makes it so interesting is you can’t figure out what is going to happen next! Is the whole plot a dream? Or is it real? If you like a story that is like a roller coaster ride, where emotions will be twisted up, down and sideways, this book is for you! Be prepared to have a love/hate relationship with this author’s writing style. She is the master of cliff hangers!


So far this story has me all the way in! You will always get good quality stories from author Aimee but this one is so delightful and diferent you will enjoy this ride of who will Zara choose? I can’t wait to find out! ❤️


Fantastic storytelling, interesting characters, engaging world background. Knowing the Author's writing nothing will be straightforward and boring. Add to your library now and join the fun!


Aimee Lynn is an amazing writer and she's done it again, hooking me in and making me wait for the next update. You can't help but love her characters and their in depth personalities that take you on a rollercoaster of emotions through out the story.


Aimee-don has done it AGAIN!!! This is a new style of book for me, and I am absolutely enthralled in it. Its a scene set back in time of castles, kings, queens, secret passages, knights to defend and maids to gossip. But it has a few modern... surprises! everything i want in a book is right here, a slowburn romance, a short-lived love triangle, action, mystery and even a little magic!!! what's new about this book though, is how its all put together. i have never read a book like it before, and now i know what was missing in my life. I fell in love with Aimees books a long time ago, but this one stole my heart! its a must read for sure! as always, don't get to comfortable, once you think you know, you're wrong! thats the magic of it!


😔 Although I missed the free promo, I quite enjoyed 🥰 this novel…cant wait & see how author develops this love triangle(s)🤫


I absolutely adore Aimee and her creative but humorous and romantic mind that leaves a mark on that bubble of a readers life. That bubble that we all escape to for a few hours only to realize we need more time, if not more, chapters because the addiction is real. once again, she has taken the reader on a journey I wasn't expecting, and I can't wait for the next chapters to come. If you're not already a fan of her writings, I suggest you buckle up because you're in for a ride and look her up on other platforms for her other books. you won't be disappointed....well only when you must wait for more chapters....but sometimes it's unavoidable but also it gives you the thrill of anticipation. Thanks again, Aimee, for another good page turner.


Like all her previous books, this book is destined to be a huge favorite! Aimee Lynn has created a world that is a bit like an ancient male-dominated world, where young women are chosen to become part of a princes “potential brides”. But there is a dark twist to this world… Add to that the mystery of how the leading lady ended up in this place (and time) anyway. Is it a dream? Or is it real? I can’t wait to read how this story plays out!


Aimee is one of my three top favorite authors and the release of this book at me jumping up and down when I saw she was at it again!! I am only 23 chapters in but I am LOVING IT so far and can’t wait to continue Zara’s story!


BAM! Another gem from Author Aimee! If you’ve read any of her Anima/Thana books, then you know what to expect. This one is a little different, but I like that she went back to the medieval world, similar to The Forbidden Prince. This has all the makings of a great book. I’m already #TeamKing, so we’ll see which one Zara chooses!


This is another fantastic story to read. The characters are well written and the story line is fantastic. Everything is cohesive and keeps you guessing. I can not wait for more chapters to be added!


Aimee has done It again! A new vibrant world with characters that wil make you laugh, cry and even cringe! I can’t wait to see where this story goes!


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