The Charming Mage is a K-Pop Idol! Book

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The Charming Mage is a K-Pop Idol!


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Kim Min Soo is the most popular K-pop Idol in the Mystica boyband group. However, behind his perfect facade as an idol; the young man suffers a hair-pulling disorder due to his stress and depression as a public figure. One day, he had a dream of an unknown handsome man with a charming face, his navy eyes are as blue as the ocean. Min Soo's curiosity is piqued, the appearance of the dashing man in a strange magical world in his dream certainly surprises him. Even though, the man had a successful debut he had a problem with his overworking habit. The man fainted after over-exhausted himself in a studio. He was rushed into the hospital, but then strange things happen when he passed out. The next thing he knew, the K-pop Idol is transported to an unknown magical world in his dream!?


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