The Champion's Wine System Book

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The Champion's Wine System


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“You know we don’t have to battle” A woman with dark color eyes a fair skin said . Her skin was covered in full suit of armor and her weapon a beautiful crafted Azure spear. Meredith in her pure blue and white hoop sleeved robes. Nod while say “I know” her voice uncaring about her soon to be opponent. "Then why make it difficult for me” the woman sighed she was so close now she has to face this devil of a woman. “ Its not my fault you decided to go against the worlds Will”. “Your presence here isn't even alined with Fath , you took an unassuming path “. ‘Pitty’ merdith shook her head as she spoke inernally. "Futhermore Your presence here threaten the last soul existence, leave or I’ll have to kill you . " “Make a choice, do it quickly.” A bit impatient about the matter. “I have Wine’s to make!”merdith futher exclaimed making it seem as if she woman exitence was not worth her taking time off from her refining. Seeing her opponent gritted her teeth , she knew the out come of her question. Just as she was ready to summon her weapon. A voice in her head. ‘Let me have the fool, you gotten soft since coming here!. ' Chuckling “I just focus more on making wines nowadays “ Meredith replied. ‘Yeah , yeah , yeah just make sure I get my blood wine’. ‘I already have it’ 'Bloody Hell you been hold out on your home girl!.' 'Time have changed Remi lamented. When had she ever suffers such.' ‘You know why Remi, you been drink beyond cultivation, having trouble at home ‘ ‘Shut it!’ ‘I’ll take that as a yes. Chuckling’ While bickering 5 seconds have passed . 'I’ll let you have just don’t burn my stamina too much I got work it do after .' ‘Tsk , looks like see won’t be able to use the '.Empyean Blood Art! .’ Meredith demeanor change after Remi too over previous she was clam and general uncaring. Now not only dress in Blood red Battle armor , but had her favorite weapons summoned. Crimson Queen you never had the change to taste the blood of an immortal yet have you . ‘No master’Her halberd glowed in response. “Then let's get you a drink!!” said a undulating excitement ....... Meredith Walker former Federation general and know by those in the shadows are Madam Widow her presence and her organization was feared Having died at 86 she was sent to a world were spiritual Energy was possible to cultivate. Watch her climb realms and destroy them , along with her slightly crazier half Remi. All her journey at the end fight for the chance to be come a God all while taking a swig of Wine!. Come Read the Champions Wine System ! Read her Journey to God Hood!.


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