143 Trait Replication

"Mirabelle, are you prepared?"

She looked into his eyes.

Her voice was unwavering.

"I'm ready."

It was just the two of them, alone in the room while the rest were off doing various drills according to Ramesthes's requirements.

Otto had called her out of the virtual pod to finally give her a portion of his soul.

He also felt anticipation towards this ceremony as well.

This would make five soul splits.

Which would allow this trait to evolve.

Otto checked his status as he prepared to part with another 10% of his attributes.

<Toto >

<Attributes >

Strength 65

Agility 105

Stamina 80

Sturdiness 105

Mana Pool 210

Intuition 184

Magic Power 179

Regeneration 245

AP: 436

He finally felt the weight of his decision not to split his soul immediately.


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