128 The Wolf King (2)


A shrill cry filled with all of his anger, pain, and frustration burst out of Jason's mouth.

But its effect was nothing like a simple yell of frustration.

Mana instinctively rose up from the deepest parts inside him, forming a small, intricate series of patterns that coated his voice.

Had Jason been able to see it, he would have been surprised and alarmed.

As far as he knew, he'd never seen those patterns before!

It was based on a feeling, an intuition that stemmed from deep within.

The yell was heard for kilometers around him, even in the dense forest.

Nearest his body, it was as if a bomb went off.

The wolves directly on top of him immediately fell down, dead.

A reddish-grey mixture of blood and brain matter splashed out of their ears.

Farther away, wolves fell unconscious and bled from their ears after hearing Jason's cry.

Jason was still completely unaware.


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