1 Her Best Shot

"She is the one I have told you about," Kay said to the elegant lady, who was sitting in the café. Based on her looks, she obviously belonged to high society.

'Well, looks can be deceiving most of the time.' Arya thought inwardly.

Kay knew about Arya's unfortunate situation right then. He had asked her to come with him and meet with someone, who could help her get a job with great conditions.

The woman scanned Arya from head to toe and said, "You are right, she looks suitable for the task." Then the woman gestured the two to sit opposite her.

The woman introduced herself as Rita, who was probably in her twenties. First of all, Rita discussed her offer with Arya.

Her jaw dropped, upon hearing how good Rita's offer was. Then she asked, "That seems too good to be true. But what's that job? I hope it's not an illegal thing."

Rita smiled and discussed the task Arya needed to do to close the deal.

"Why are you doing that?" she asked Rita out of curiosity. She couldn't believe that something like that could actually happen in real life too and someone could even bother to plan something like that.

"You don't need to know the reason for it. But, I do hope that you will agree to do this job," Rita said plainly.

Arya frowned and looked at Kay with a confused face.

Kay understood her gaze. He sighed deeply and said, "What other option do you have? This is your best shot at the moment. You will not kill anybody, or do something as bad as that. Just follow the plan, and Rita will take care of everything else."

Kay was right, given with her current situation; Rita's offer was her best shot.


A week later...

Arya was sweating. She was too nervous. She inhaled and exhaled deeply before she entered the restaurant.

'I must act natural. Don't get nervous Arya.' She told herself silently.

She walked inside the restaurant, and immediately she felt both the secret and direct gazes at her. She had been used to this kind of things since she was the campus belle at her school.

Today was her first day. She just needed to finish this one hell of a job and try to execute everything perfectly.

The target was Ryu Ken, the most powerful man in the technology business. He was responsible for the growth of online shopping and e-commerce 'Ramada.com': the world's largest online shopping retailer. He was the CEO of Ramada, the company's chairman and the largest shareholder at the same time.

She spotted her target right from the entrance.

Her designated table was opposite to his and she sat the way she could face him. He was having lunch alone. He lived with 'snob' trademark as a cold billionaire, and Arya could feel that. Almost all the men in the restaurant had noticed her, except for him, who was busy on his laptop.

She didn't know why, but she felt intimidated by his aura.

The waitress gave her the menu and she ordered a lot. She was a total glutton. Kay had told her to act natural-like herself, so she just did.

She ate to her heart's content. In truth, she really had a big appetite, though she ate and moved with grace and poise, of course.

Then, her phone rang.

It was just a number, but she was sure it was her ex-boyfriend-Jim, whom she had caught with another woman.

'How insolent!' she thought inwardly, as she recalled his reasoning for having an affair, as he couldn't do intimate things with her.

She was too conservative when it came to sex. Yes, she was, although it was not apparent because she was liberal when it came to dressing and dolling herself up.

She pressed the cancel button. However, it kept on ringing, so she answered, thinking it could also be her father, but to her great regret it was indeed Jim.

"I told you to stop calling me and don't look for me okay. You must suffer the consequences of your mistake! Don't expect me to return after what you have done! Oh yeah, right, I am celebrating right now. I will eat, drink and party afterward. You are nothing but a loser and not worthy of my time! Asshole! Oh, yes you did that because of sex, right? Who knows, maybe I will give it to someone deserving tonight!" She said in a moderate, sharp tone, enough to not attract any attention from others.

Then, she quickly hung up the phone.

She was in a bad mood, so she ordered more wine. She had already finished one bottle and ordered another one.

She had almost forgotten the reason she was here, because of that ex-boyfriend of hers.

She looked at her target and found out that the latter was now staring at her. She narrowed her eyes and stared back at him. He was not batting an eye, so she just did the same.

'What's wrong with him?' Arya thought. He frowned, but didn't stop and continued just staring at her.

'What was this, the survival of the fittest in an eye staring contest?' Arya thought to herself.

It looked like she would be the one to not survive his stare, so Arya cupped her face, with her elbow on the table as a support. Then, she arched an eyebrow.

"So tell me, why are you staring at me? Do I look that lovely, huh?" She asked bluntly, while she made the beautiful eyes thing, like a child blinking her eyes multiple times.

The man just smirked and shook his head before he rose up and left the table.

Arya's jaw dropped.

'Did I just shoo him away?' she thought to herself, as panic filled her mind.

She was totally broken. She couldn't even do things properly. She cursed Jim angrily.

Out of all the times, why should have he called her right now? She had already blocked his number, but he kept on calling her with other numbers.

Arya sighed and dialed Kay. "Can you just ask me to do another job instead? I think I will not be able to pull this off." Then, she told Kay what had happened.

The latter laughed so hard on the other end of the line and said, "You are doing just well."

Arya crumpled her face and thought how it could be well when she drove Ryu Ken away, and the worst part was that he might even think she was weird or brazen?

Hearing no response from Arya, Kay added, "Dear, you are the perfect person for that task, okay? Trust me, and just stick with the plan. Besides, Rita has already made arrangements to help you. You can call your mom to confirm it."

Arya sighed deeply and said, "Alright, I will do as you say."

* * * * * * * * * * 

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