The CEO Is the Daddy to Triplets

Li An'An was labeled a murderer's daughter as a child, abused and tormented endlessly in the family of her adopted parents. Four years later, she made a grand return with three daughters. Top car models, gourmet bloggers, and CEO daughters were all blinded by her magnificence. Still, the worst was the CEO of an empire of commerce who could bewitch any woman was constantly tagging along wherever she went!

Xing Bi · Urban
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MG TV Station received a lot of attention today because of the special live broadcast.

Zhang Yingmeng said, "Sister Huang, your program's viewership ratings have been very high recently. I'm so envious of you. Many of my friends know that I'm your colleague and have asked me for your autograph. I've agreed, so Sister Huang, please oblige when we get off work tonight."

The woman who was called Sister Huang glared at her fiercely. "Zhang Yingmeng, didn't you snatch my hosting rights because you slept with the station chief? What's there to be proud of? You're just a well-connected person who can't survive on KS TV station!" Sister Huang took her things and left the dressing room, having no inclination to stay a second longer.