The CEO And The Mysterious Man Book

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The CEO And The Mysterious Man


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The story start with the reincarnation of female lead.... yes yes I know it sounds like a typical female lead's story who want revenge from her step sister and a scumbag Ex.... but it's not that... Rewriting the whole story again with some fresh plot. Strong female lead with mysterious male lead. .... Janvi, a bubbly girl with lots of dreams, died in a road accident. She was only 20. But after sometime she opened her eyes again. She checked her body for pain but she didn't found any discomfort. She got up from the bed, wore her sleepers and noticed these are the same sleeper, she used 2 year back. She ran towards her parent's room and saw they were watching TV and when they saw Janvi, they asked, "what happened kid?".... "What's happening?", "Was that all dream?" Confused Janvi called her best friend to ask but weird enough, she found there is no person like that in school or the address she knew.


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