The CEO's Wife Is A Demon God's Daughter

[ Book 1: Completed ] Tristan Davis, the playboy CEO of the Heavenly Star Enterprize, was forced to marry ANY WOMAN within one month, or else... his glamorous title and position will be stripped off of him. NOOOOO! How could he seduce those beautiful women if he became poor and no longer a CEO? Alright, he will find a woman and marry her to please his demanding grandfather. Who cares if it's a weird strange woman he met on the mountain while going camping. Right? Wait.. What!? She is NOT HUMAN? She is the demon god's daughter? Did you say... DEMON? But she looks so angelic, beautiful and innocent. Tristan couldn't even look at any other women after this demon god's daughter becomes his wife. Ha. He might as well keep her around since grandpa seems to like her so much. ============ Zhen-Zhen, who had the bloodline of the demon god, was being targeted by the guardian warriors. Ever since she was a child they tried to kill her many times but failed. With no other choice left, they sealed her in the Divine Mountain. But after 100 years, her seal was accidentally broken and so, her Protector found the chance to send her to another world inhabited by purely ordinary humans- no supernatural beings, and no magical powers. In this new world, she met the Naughty Handsome CEO, who proposed a marriage to her on their first meeting. But wait... Marriage? Becoming his Wife? What does it mean to become a Wife? Though the demon god's daughter was clueless about what is meant of becoming a wife, she excitedly accepted his proposal! "Yes! I want to be your wife!" ============ *** Excerpt *** Zhen-Zhen: "Tristan, why are you laughing even though you are sad? I can feel it. You are in pain, right now." In his drunken state, Tristan could still absorb her words. Tristan: "Hey, my Zhen-Zhen. You will be my wife, right?" Zhen-Zhen: "Yes…" Tristan: "Then... make me happy. Come closer… and kiss me." She leaned closer to Tristan as she pressed her delicate warm lips into his cold lips. Zhen-Zhen: "Are you happy now, Tristan?" Tristan shook his head and pouted. "No! Zhen-Zhen, that one could not be considered as a kiss! You just pressed your lips into mine." He complained to her exasperatedly. “Come here, I’ll teach you!” Tristan held her face then he began to kiss her passionately. Tristan pulled her head closer as he deepened the kiss. After a few seconds, Zhen-Zhen responded and returned his kiss with equal intensity as his. 'Damn, she's a fast learner.' ========= [ HOT+Funny+Fluffy+Mature ]~ This is a story of the demon god's daughter and a naughty handsome CEO... ======= Award of This Book: WPC #133 Gold Tier- No Humans Allowed! Female Lead Support Author: Join Author’s Discord Server: https://discord.gg/D44M6DYW2G DM me on Discord: ellezar_g#1010 Author's Other Book: 1. The Devilish Assassin Meets The Angelic Detective Volume I: Fateful Encounter ( Chapter 1-275 ) Completed Volume II: Their Paths Crossed Again ( Chapter 276-530) Completed 2. Forbidden Love: Angel's Seduction 3. Moon Lovers: Bound by Blood and Revenge The artwork/illustration/photo is AI generated by Author

ellezar_g · Fantasy
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973 Chs

Introduce Yourself

Tristan held Zhen-Zhen's hand as they came out of the small house. They bade Alice and Thomas a fond goodbye, saying they would see each other again after three days.

The husband and wife just smiled, watching Tristan and Zhen-Zhen walking away until they vanished from their sights. They were happy that they met them. This was also the start of their new life with their newly found daughter.

Matthew was already waiting for them in the car. When Tristan and Zhen-Zhen arrived, they saw Matthew standing while leaning on the side of the red sports car.

Matthew averted his gaze towards their direction upon hearing the footsteps coming in. When his eyes landed on the girl beside Tristan, he was stunned for only God knew how long.

Just like Tristan, he was mesmerized by Zhen-Zhen's otherworldly beauty. He suddenly stopped in place. No words came out of his mouth as he stood there frozen.

Tristan lifted an eyebrow seeing Matthew's reaction. He couldn't explain but at that certain moment, Tristan had the urge to hide Zhen-Zhen inside his pocket so that no man would ever feast their eyes on her lovely face. Matthew was not an exemption.

'Whoa. What am I thinking? You're becoming very possessive now, Tristan.' he mumbled to himself.

Tristan and Zhen-Zhen were already standing in front of Matthew but he still remained unmoving in his spot.

It took two kicks coming from Tristan before Matthew was awakened from his deep stupor.

"Aw!! Why did you kick me twice?" Matthew shot Tristan a sharp glare as he complained to him.

Tristan rolled his eyes skyward. 

"Because it seems like your mind is out of this world. Are you daydreaming?" Tristan spat back at his assistant who was also his friend.

Zhen-Zhen giggled after watching the interaction of the two men. She found them very cute. Hearing her soft giggles, Matthew and Tristan moved their gaze back to Zhen-Zhen.

Tristan leaned closer to her, whispering something.

"Zhen… I mean Lillie. Did you remember everything I taught you today?"

Zhen-Zhen just nodded with a bright smile.

"Okay. Let's practice what you have learned from me. First, introduce yourself to him." Tristan said in a low voice.

Matthew was just observing the two of them strangely. He couldn't hear Tristan so he had no idea what he was saying to her. 

When Tristan was done talking, Zhen-Zhen turned to Matthew.

Flashing her charming smile, she spoke to him.

"Hi, I'm Lillie Meyer. What's your name?"

Zhen-Zhen extended her right hand in front of Matthew after saying those words.

He was taken aback seeing her lovely smile and hearing her soft angelic voice. Matthew felt like his heart jumped in excitement as he stared at her soft delicate hand.

After he recovered, he smiled back at her as he introduced himself, accepting her hand.

"I am Matthew Wilkins. Tristan's assistant and also his friend."

Zhen-Zhen cheerfully shook their hands and said, "Nice meeting you, Matthew."

"Me too. It's also my pleasure to meet you."

Tristan who was just observing on the sides was now smiling from ear to ear. He was satisfied with Zhen-Zhen's performance.

'Very good, Lillie. You are indeed a fast learner!' He was praising her in his mind.

"I think we should go back now. It's getting dark. It's quite dangerous to travel here during nighttime. The road is narrow, steep and rough." Matthew said to them after releasing Zhen-Zhen's hand.

Tristan nodded in agreement. The two men were about to step inside the car when Zhen-Zhen suddenly stopped Matthew.

"Matthew wait! We are not yet done with our introduction." She said that made the two men halt on their steps.

Tristan: "..."

Matthew: "..."

The two men were just staring at her with confusion when suddenly Zhen-Zhen moved closer to Matthew.

He literally froze in his spot when he felt Zhen-Zhen's soft and warm hands cupping his face.

'Oh my, what is she planning to do?' Matthew couldn't help but ponder in his astonished state.

On the other hand, Tristan's eyes widened as he realized what Zhen-Zhen was trying to do next.

'NO! NO! Zhen-Zhen, don't! That one is not included! You are not supposed to kiss him after introducing yourself!' Tristan was screaming in his mind right now.

Zhen-Zhen brought her face closer and closer to Matthew's face. Their faces were now just centimeters away from each other. 

When Matthew realized what was going to happen, he couldn't help but hold his breath. His heart was beating rapidly inside his chest.

'What the hell? Is she going to kiss me?'

When their lips were about to touch each other, Tristan immediately intervened. He dashed in their direction as he put his palm in between their lips, separating Matthew and Zhen-Zhen's lips.

'D@mn! That was a closed call!' Tristan thought to himself before gently pulling Zhen-Zhen away from Matthew.

He sighed deeply as he realized that it was his fault in the first place. He kissed Zhen-Zhen after introducing himself to her. And Zhen-Zhen remembered everything and she mistook it as part of the introduction.

Tristan facepalmed at that thought. Then he faced Matthew giving him a sharp threatening look.

"Get inside the car, now! You drive this car carefully! If I see some scratches, even if small scratch, you will have to pay for it! Understand?! " Tristan warned him coldly.

Matthew: "..."

He was rendered speechless.

'Eh? What's wrong with him? I am innocent here. I am not the one who is trying to take advantage of his woman. I am the victim here. Why is he getting mad at me? I did nothing wrong. And why suddenly he is threatening me about driving and taking care of this car.' Matthew lamented to himself.

Meanwhile, Tristan guided Zhen-Zhen to the back passenger seat. He opened the car door for her. He still felt upset but he couldn't blame her.

'I should correct her later or else she will kiss every single person she meets after introducing herself to them.' Tristan sighed deeply and made a mental note.