The CEO's Wife Is A Demon God's Daughter

[ Book 1: Completed ] Tristan Davis, the playboy CEO of the Heavenly Star Enterprize, was forced to marry ANY WOMAN within one month, or else... his glamorous title and position will be stripped off of him. NOOOOO! How could he seduce those beautiful women if he became poor and no longer a CEO? Alright, he will find a woman and marry her to please his demanding grandfather. Who cares if it's a weird strange woman he met on the mountain while going camping. Right? Wait.. What!? She is NOT HUMAN? She is the demon god's daughter? Did you say... DEMON? But she looks so angelic, beautiful and innocent. Tristan couldn't even look at any other women after this demon god's daughter becomes his wife. Ha. He might as well keep her around since grandpa seems to like her so much. ============ Zhen-Zhen, who had the bloodline of the demon god, was being targeted by the guardian warriors. Ever since she was a child they tried to kill her many times but failed. With no other choice left, they sealed her in the Divine Mountain. But after 100 years, her seal was accidentally broken and so, her Protector found the chance to send her to another world inhabited by purely ordinary humans- no supernatural beings, and no magical powers. In this new world, she met the Naughty Handsome CEO, who proposed a marriage to her on their first meeting. But wait... Marriage? Becoming his Wife? What does it mean to become a Wife? Though the demon god's daughter was clueless about what is meant of becoming a wife, she excitedly accepted his proposal! "Yes! I want to be your wife!" ============ *** Excerpt *** Zhen-Zhen: "Tristan, why are you laughing even though you are sad? I can feel it. You are in pain, right now." In his drunken state, Tristan could still absorb her words. Tristan: "Hey, my Zhen-Zhen. You will be my wife, right?" Zhen-Zhen: "Yes…" Tristan: "Then... make me happy. Come closer… and kiss me." She leaned closer to Tristan as she pressed her delicate warm lips into his cold lips. Zhen-Zhen: "Are you happy now, Tristan?" Tristan shook his head and pouted. "No! Zhen-Zhen, that one could not be considered as a kiss! You just pressed your lips into mine." He complained to her exasperatedly. “Come here, I’ll teach you!” Tristan held her face then he began to kiss her passionately. Tristan pulled her head closer as he deepened the kiss. After a few seconds, Zhen-Zhen responded and returned his kiss with equal intensity as his. 'Damn, she's a fast learner.' ========= [ HOT+Funny+Fluffy+Mature ]~ This is a story of the demon god's daughter and a naughty handsome CEO... ======= Award of This Book: WPC #133 Gold Tier- No Humans Allowed! Female Lead Support Author: Join Author’s Discord Server: https://discord.gg/D44M6DYW2G DM me on Discord: ellezar_g#1010 Author's Other Book: 1. The Devilish Assassin Meets The Angelic Detective Volume I: Fateful Encounter ( Chapter 1-275 ) Completed Volume II: Their Paths Crossed Again ( Chapter 276-530) Completed 2. Forbidden Love: Angel's Seduction 3. Moon Lovers: Bound by Blood and Revenge The artwork/illustration/photo is AI generated by Author

ellezar_g · Fantasy
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973 Chs

Food for the Hungry CEO

The handsome naughty CEO and the beautiful innocent Demon god's daughter continued their search, roaming around the mountain.

Along their way, Tristan didn't forget to make use of his camera, capturing photos of the beautiful wildflowers and forest trees, picturesque scenery of the mountain, different kinds of birds, and mountain wildlife animals that are harmless.

Of course, Zhen Zhen's breathtaking beauty didn't escape the lens of his camera as well. She was his favorite muse that he wanted to capture using his precious camera.

As usual, Zhen Zhen was amazed the moment she saw Tristan's camera. It was her first time seeing a thing like that. Tristan welcomed all the questions she threw at him. Her every question was answered by him.

Tristan also taught her how to use the camera. Zhen Zhen was overjoyed by that simple action. In just a brief moment, she learned how to take pictures. Tristan was very glad. Zhen Zhen was a fast learner.

Because of each other's company, the journey on the mountain became less tiring. Instead, it became more enjoyable and exciting. They walked and walked, taking pictures and chatting cheerfully until they lost track of time.

Before Tristan knew it, his stomach started to grumble. It was already noon time and they had not eaten anything yet. Tristan thought he would be able to come back before noon so he didn't bother to bring packed lunch.

"Are you hungry?" She asked him upon noticing Tristan's hand rubbing his stomach.

Tristan just smiled sheepishly at her and didn't admit it. It was embarrassing for a man to complain first while the woman with him didn't even whine about being hungry.

However, Zhen Zhen could already sense that Tristan was already hungry. She could hear his grumbling stomach.

'I will become his wife so I must satisfy his needs.' Zhen Zhen thought to herself.

With that thought in mind, Zhen Zhen grabbed Tristan's hand as she pulled him towards the shaded area under the old large forest tree.

When they reached the shaded spot, she gently pushed him, making him sit down on the ground. Tristan just watched her in confusion.

"Just rest here for a while. Wait for me here. I will get you something to eat." Zhen Zhen said to him cheerfully.

Before Tristan could protest, Zhen Zhen left him in a rush. Tristan had no choice but to stay and wait for her. Though he was a little bit worried about her, Tristan knew that Zhen Zhen was already familiar with this mountain. She was used to trekking and strolling around.

He didn't even see her getting tired after walking non-stop for a long time. If another woman was with him then he was so sure that he would hear a lot of complaints and nagging.

'Zhen Zhen… She's really different, very unique.' Tristan just smiled from that thought.

After a while, he held the camera and turned it on. He scanned the camera, watching and checking the pictures they had both taken. He was satisfied.

Unknowingly, the smile never left his face as his eyes were focused on Zhen Zhen's pictures. She was lovely, her pure innocent smile was truly captivating. He also loved the color of her eyes… they reminded him of the vast ocean and blue sky.

He was so engrossed watching those photos on his camera that he failed to notice Zhen Zhen's arrival. She was now standing in front of him. Then suddenly Tristan heard a sound of something heavy dropping on the ground near him.


When he looked forward, he jolted and stood up in both shock and fright!

"Holy Sh¡t! Where did this come from??!" He exclaimed, his eyes were wide open while looking at the dead big wild boar just a few inches away from him.

Then he caught a glimpse of another figure standing beside the dead wild boar. It was Zhen Zhen, smiling at him from ear to ear.

"Tristan… I brought you food." She said enthusiastically at him.

Tristan: "..."

Tristan looked at her with his eyes and mouth frozen wide open in an expression of stunned surprise and disbelief.

'So this is what she meant by saying she would search for food. D@mn, I thought she would just find some fruits. I didn't expect her to hunt a wild boar… a f*cking big wild boar!!!'

"H-How did you do it? Catching a wild boar as big as this?!" Tristan asked her in utter disbelief.

"Hmm… I copied Fa-Fa's movement. He always let me watch him hunting for food whenever we went to play in the mountains."

Tristan laughed awkwardly. 'Oh, as expected to a person who was raised in the wild. Of course, they knew how to hunt.' He thought, convincing himself that this was just normal.

He gave her a thumb up, praising her.

"But, how can we eat this? We couldn't eat this as raw meat. We need to cook it first. However, we have no utensils and ingredients here. Hehehe. No fire as well. Don't tell me we will also make fire using stones." He said to her jokingly.

'Why do I feel like we are in a Survival in the Wilderness Reality Show?'

Tristan couldn't help but shake his head while laughing inwardly.

"Fire? Don't worry, Tristan. I know what to do. Just leave it to me. I will roast this for you just like what Fa-Fa always did before." Zhen Zhen said to him confidently.

"Eh, are you really going to make fire using stones?"

Zhen Zhen didn't respond to him as she started concentrating. She kneeled down near the wild boar, placing both her hands just a few inches above its dead body, her palms facing downwards.

Tristan wrinkled his brows as he watched her doing strange things again.

"Eh… What is she trying to do? It's not like her palms could produce some fire." he mumbled softly while scratching his face.

He had just finished saying those words when suddenly fire came out from Zhen Zhen's hands, engulfing the wild boar's body. It grew bigger as seconds passed by.

Tristan was on the verge of losing his wits.

'F*ck! F*ck! WHAT AM I SEEING RIGHT NOW??! S-She…. she's releasing fire… coming from her bare hands!'