The CEO's Secrets Book

novel - Contemporary Romance

The CEO's Secrets

Chloe Higgins

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After being fired for a small mistake, Sabrina’s luck changes when she becomes the secretary to a billionaire CEO…and discovers that Atlas Collins is the handsome stranger that tried to save her job. Though they’ve only met once, Atlas seems familiar to Sabrina, a feeling she can’t shake. Can Sabrina trust the man Atlas has become, or will the CEO’s secrets be too much to handle? Without warning, Atlas begins unbuttoning his shirt. I knew that Atlas had a gorgeous face and wonderful personality; now I’ve been blessed with seeing his sculpted body. Atlas clears his throat and I’m forced to tear my eyes away from him. When I see the flirty smile on his face, I realize he caught me staring. “I know you would love to stand here all day and look at my body,” he teases, moving towards the door, “But we have a lot of work to get through.” The CEO’s Secrets is created by Chloe Higgins, an EGlobal Creative Publishing signed author.