99 Siblings?

Following the words from Aniyah, a deafening silence reigned in the dining room. Calla looked at dark-skinned woman wide-eyed and stunned with the sudden announcement.


''The doctor hasn't fully me diagnosed me yet with cancer, but there's a possibility that I might have the disease. I just want to prepare for my unpredictable future and the future of my corporation.''

'….Why didn't you say anything then?' This time, Calla had already swallowed the food in her mouth, and dropped her cutlery. She looked at the unfinished meal on her plate in thoughts.

If Aniyah really had cancer, she could understand why the woman would pester her to take over the Mendes corporation.

But…why does Aniyah trust her so much? Was she really that comfortable in handing over her family business to a stranger with no blood relations?


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