89 Her Sudden Outburst

Feeling her gaze upon himself, Vincent felt there were some strangeness hidden behind them. It was blank…void of emotion…to impassive for someone in the hospital.

''How are you feeling, Calla?" Placing the plastic bag of the medicine on a nearby table, Vincent ventured deeper into the hospital room and closed distance between himself and Calla, standing by the side of the bed.

''….Weak…'' In a hoarse voice, Calla replied truthfully. Indeed, other than the days after the tragic accident, she had never felt so weak in her life, as though she had no energy left in her body.

 Hearing her own voice, her lips tugged down at the way she sounded, even after drinking water with the assistance of a nurse.

''Don't worry, you will be discharged once the doctor deems you well to leave.'' Consoling with a worried gaze, Vincent gently put his hand on hers, mindful of the one with the needle.


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