102 Going back?

''Did I call late?''

''Not really. The kids are in bed.'' Using her shoulder as balance between her phone and her ear, Calla pushed the wheels gently down the hallway.

''That's great. At least you'll find time to rest for the trip tomorrow.''

''Hmm...'' Humming in response, Calla caught the sight of Max heading towards her. The golden retriever silently went behind the wheel chair and used its furry head to push the wheel chair.

''Thank you Max.'' Calla's gaze softened the sight of the dog wanting to help her.


 Max barked happily with its tongue sticking out and his furry tail wagging to each side.

''Max is with you?''

''Yeah. He wants to help.'' Calla replied, finding it more to move since Max was lessening the burden on her arms.

''So you were alone, Calla. This isn't the reason why…''


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