104 Aiden

''Do you like the office boss? I made sure to have interior to your taste.'' In the new office of the new US branch of the Mendes corporation, Jade could be seen asking for the opinions of Calla. Her eyes sparkled as though asking for praise for doing a good job.

How could Calla not notice such? This was a habit from Jade that she had known like the back of her hand. Whenever Jade does things perfectly, the lady would always want from herself and no other person.

Like a child asking for a praise from her parent.

''You did well, Jade. A job well done.'' Calla wasn't one to be stingy with her words. If anything, it was good that she throws words like this. It was a form of motivation, not only to Jade but her secretaries.

As expected, Jade was surrounded by a flowery atmosphere. The lady was high up in the air floating in happiness.

''I can literally see your head swelling from here, Jade.''



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