106 A glimpse of his life during the years

''When did the invitation arrive?''

''It was during the trip sir. Excuse me for not telling you on time, sir.''


Hearing no response from the back seat, the man inaudibly gulped the invisibly lump down his throat. He wiped his sweaty palm on his lap, wondering if the air conditioner was truly working or else, he wouldn't be feeling this warm and sweaty.

''What is the invitation about, Ethan?''

''The annual gala, sir.'' The man in the front seat, referred to as Ethan, quickly replied, heaving a sigh in deep relief that his boss did not admonish for him hiding such until now.

''The date and time?''

''14th of April and the gala takes place from 7pm in the same venue, sir.'' Ethan replied, pleased with himself that he had properly checked the envelope during the loaded work.

An accident had happened in the one of branches outside of the country that required his boss's presence. Naturally, he had gone alongside his boss.


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