The CEO's Masked Wife Book

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The CEO's Masked Wife


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Why does no one ever see her pain? **** Calla Anderson, an introvert by nature, has a twin sister completely opposite from her withdrawn self. It was natural for many to prefer the bright child to a dull one, and Calla Anderson had no problem with that. The relationship between Calla and her twin sister remained sweet and firm even though she wasn’t favored like her. But…. that was until he entered the picture. The moment Calla laid her eyes on him, she knowingly gave her heart to him. Unfortunately for her, he was the same as others, falling her twin sister’s beauty and charms. As if keeping her feelings for him locked and hidden, while watching the relationship between her twin sister and him blossom into something more, wasn’t enough, an ill-fated incident fell upon her and her twin sister, and Calla was the only one who survived out of two of them. That moment when many realized that fact, her life turned out for the worse. Her parents blamed her. Her sister’s admirers admonished her. Her sister’s friends loathed her. Her acquaintances left her alone. And him….he was the worst as she had to enter a marriage with him to save an agreement between their families. That’s right. She married her sister’s fiancée and it was from there that Calla wished she was never born into this world. ***** DO NOT USE COVER WITHOUT PERMISSION! Commissioned by r.voh.k on IG