The CEO's loser wife: Rebirth of the villainous queen of alchemy

COMPLETED. Transmigrating into a poor and mistreated young lady's body, what will the craziest alchemist of the seven realms now do? Excerpt: He stood there, soaking wet in the pouring rain, earnestly looking at her. He gazed at her, as if she was his entire world. But, only to be mercilessly cut down.... “Me? Falling in love?! You have got to be kidding me. I would rather dominate this world.” Grinning, he took her hands and kissed them gently. “You can dominate me first sweetheart.” Taken aback by his sudden straight forwardness, she abruptly withdrew her hands. “No thanks” He looked deeply into her eyes and smiled gently. Not deterred by her words, even a bit, he smirked. “Your lips are saying no. But your heart betrays you, my dear.” Getting more and more flustered, she took a step back, widening the gap between them. She looked at him mockingly to hide her panic, “Oh and since when did you have a telepathic connection with my heart.” Heh... He let out an amused chuckle. Closing the distance between them again, he took a step forward and lifted her hand, pointing at her watch’s display. “I always did have that my dear. But in this case, see your heart rate just spiked.” ....................... Instagram: yolohy_webnovel Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/yolohy Discord: https://discord.gg/5CvPuX6M88 ....................... I do not own the cover art and it will be removed upon request.

Yolohy · Fantasy
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252 Chs

You traitor Part2

Throwing a smug sideways glance at Su Lin, Hazel lifted her hands and clapped loudly.

A few seconds of silence ensued after which something visibly moved in the distance, almost resembling a sandstorm.

And this gigantic sand cloud started rapidly approaching the crowd at a tremendous speed.

Soon, seven stunning pitch-black long-maned pure breed horses galloped towards them, emerging from the thick dust cloud.

And surprisingly, the horses which had thundered wildly until now suddenly became docile like cats when they approached the three sisters.

They were magnificent majestic beasts with fur as luxuriant as fine silk.

Everyone couldn't help but gaze at the pure breeds with awe and envy because they were well aware that these were not normal beasts.

They were spirit beasts, albeit low ranked ones just like Little White, which have only absorbed minuscule levels of spiritual qi.