9 Bring it on

While she was waiting in the bank, Su Lin casually picked up one of the magazines displayed on the crystalline table in front of her.

Her eyes gracefully wandered, as she flipped through the pages, one by one. At first, there was a slight gasp, then a smile, followed by a full-blown wide grin.

Myriad emotions crossed her face as she gazed longingly at the pages of the fashion magazine, tilting her head to one side.

"Why wasn't I born here in the first place damn it!"

"This sparkly and glamorous world is much more suitable for me than that bloodthirsty war-hungry planet."

Su Lin sighed in exasperation as memories of her past flickered through her mind.

Hugging the magazine close to her chest, she looked extremely silly and cute. She seemed to be lost in her own world.

"Hmmm... Earlier, she looked like she was in a hurry. Should I disturb her?" The teller, who had already finished his assigned task, had come over to give Su Lin the cash and the other documents.

"Ahem ahem", the teller cleared his throat gently and slightly.

Startled a bit, Su Lin noticed the awkwardly looking bank teller standing next to her. She quickly put away the magazine a little embarrassed.

"Here is everything you asked madam. I tried to use the largest bills possible but it still came out to two bags."

"I have also placed your account books inside and cleared out your old cards."

Thanking the nervous guy, Su Lin hailed another cab outside the bank. This time, she asked the driver to take her to a nearby hotel with good standards.

Recognizing Su Lin as Mrs. Shi, the driver politely greeted her and dropped her off at the nearby 7-star hotel.

"This looks satisfactory." Su Lin nodded, clearly impressed by the luxurious building and the extravagant entrance.

Rolling her two big suitcases full of cash, Su Lin walked over to check into the hotel.

The receptionist frowned a little on seeing her old worn-out clothing. She gave her a dirty look and was seriously considering throwing out the random woman.

This was a 7-start hotel, after all, primarily meant for pleasing the rich.

They need to consider the convenience of their other guests as well. They can't just let anyone in.

She almost called the security guard over, when she suddenly recognized the cheap woman. Wait, wasn't this Mrs. Shi??

She immediately changed her attitude and pleasantly greeted Su Lin with a face full of smiles.

"Good evening madam. Thank you very much for choosing our hotel. Will Mr. Shi Meng also be joining you soon?"

"We can close out the dining hall and prepare a special romantic dinner for just the two of you."

"Please let me know anything you need. I will have the hotel staff waiting for you right outside your door."

The receptionist didn't hold back and quickly offered Su Lin, the best possible service, but one could definitely sense a grain of jealously and envy in her polite eyes.

In fact, Su Lin was one of the most envied women in the city. She held in her hands the gem that was most wanted by the city's women!

But this didn't make Su Lin happy at all. Listening to the suddenly polite receptionist blabbering on, Su Lin did not smile this time around.

The behavior of all these people did not appease her in the least.

Rather it only meant that no matter where she goes in this city or probably in this country, her husband will always be able to find her and locate her.

She cannot afford to play a game of hide and seek with him. He was too powerful and had too many resources.

Forget about getting revenge, she first needed to ensure her safety. On top of that, her sickness was a ticking time bomb as well!

Su Lin frowned and picked up her room keys. With a pensive expression on her face, she walked over and took the elevator to her room.

"Here are your bags madam. Please ring us for any further assistance." The hotel bellhop helped her with her luggage and politely left without lingering.

Su Lin absent-mindedly nodded and closed the door behind her. Her mind was still stuck on her precarious situation.

She was dealing with too many variables. Su Lin sighed as a mixture of emotions swirled within her.

She was in a new unfamiliar world, enslaved in the name of marriage to a powerful and influential man, and as if that was not enough, she was also knocking on the death's door.

Su Lin had really hit the perfect trifecta!

She leaned against her room's door for a few more minutes, with her eyes closed and her breathing uneven, before resolutely flashing her eyes open.

"Bring it on."

The woman murmured with a subtle smile on her lips.

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