1 Deadly Question

"When are you getting married?"

The beautiful woman, seated by the window of the hotel restaurant, let out a heartfelt sigh upon hearing her mother's deadly question.

Despite being a successful career woman, responsible for making their family business renowned throughout Asia, Europe, and America, Elena couldn't escape the deadly questions that her family keeps asking her.

So what if she was worth $15 billion USD? So what if she was considered the richest woman in China, ranked among the top three wealthiest individuals in the country?

Maybe in the past her parents would be proud and didn't mind her being single. Now that she was 35 years old, her parents had begun to worry about her future.

"If mom calls me to discuss this again, I'll hang up," Elena responded coldly, her voice tinged with frustration. She glanced out at the captivating view of the bustling China town, where lights twinkled against the backdrop of the night sky.

"Elena!" her mother's voice screamed through the phone, her tone exuding irritation. "Do you want me to die without witnessing your wedding?"

Elena took a deep breath upon hearing her mother's repetitive threat, one she had grown all too familiar with. Wang Jia Li, her mother, suffered from a heart condition and had been rushed to the hospital multiple times due to her younger brother, Nam Ethan's actions.

While Elena herself had never caused such distress to her mother, her brother seemed to have a knack for it.

"Ah, with your emotions running wild like that, dear mother, you're destined to live a ripe old age of a hundred. You'll be fine," Elena scoffed with a hint of anger in her voice.

"Elena!" Jia Li shouted once again, before it sounded like she was conversing with someone near her. Finally, a male voice reached Elena's ears.

"Elena," a soft yet firm voice called out, causing Elena to catch her breath once more. It was her father on the other end of the line. It seemed her mother had grown too weary to continue their conversation and had entrusted her father to take over..

In truth, Elena welcomed this turn of events. She had always felt a closer bond with her father, finding solace in his presence and basking in the warmth of his affection. She couldn't deny that she held a special place in his heart, perhaps even being his favorite child.

"I understand, Dad," Elena replied, her voice tinged with a mix of frustration and longing. "But it feels like Mom is constantly pressuring me about marriage. You know, deep down, that it's not the right time for me, don't you? Can you please talk to her and try to make her understand?"

This wasn't the first time her mother had scolded her about when she should get married. It had started when she was just 28 years old, and her father had always been her staunch defender.

Nam Baek Hyeon, her father, believed his eldest daughter was too young to be bound by marriage, reluctant to see her given away to another man.

But now, as Elena reached the age of 35, her father's stance seemed to have shifted. Apologetically, he uttered the words she had feared hearing, "Sorry, but right now I agree with your mom, Elena. You're already 35 years old. It's time for you to think about your future and build your own family."

Elena gritted her teeth, her frustration simmering beneath the surface. Her father, who used to stand up for her, now stood by her mother's side, no longer defending her.

The weight of their expectations pressed upon her as her father calmly continued, "If you keep postponing marriage, it may become difficult for you to have children later."

A surge of irritation flooded through Elena's veins. "Are Ethan's children not enough for you? He has already given you four grandchildren! Four! Why are you doing this to me?!" she snapped, finally grasping the reason behind her parents' relentless push for her to wed.

They wanted grandchildren.

But didn't they already have four grandchildren?

Her brother, who is three years younger than her, had foolishly married first because he impregnated a woman.

In a way, Elena found solace in that fact. All this time, her mother's urgency to see her married stemmed from the desire for grandchildren, and her brother had already fulfilled that wish.

Four years later, her brother had managed to exceed expectations, not with one or two, but with three precious babies. Her sister-in-law was pregnant with triplets, and their family had grown exponentially.

Elena couldn't contain her overwhelming happiness, and she knew her parents felt the same, gazing adoringly at the three newborns.

With four grandchildren now in the family, Elena believed her parents would finally cease their incessant nagging about her marital status. But to her dismay, it seemed she was mistaken. Once again, they resumed their persistent prodding.

"It's not like that, Elena. We didn't pressure you to get married just for the sake of grandchildren; we were genuinely concerned..." her father's voice trailed off, attempting to clarify their intentions.

"I will be fine!" Elena's voice quivered with emotion as she interjected, her words laced with determination.

"I will thrive and live a fulfilling life! With my wealth and success, both of you don't need to worry about me anymore!" Her conviction rang through the air, a resolute declaration of independence.

"Elena..." her father began, his voice tinged with concern.

But before he could utter another word, Elena cut him off abruptly, her patience reaching its limit. "If there's nothing else you and Mom have to say, I will end this conversation right now!" With a swift motion, she hung up the phone without waiting for a response from her father.

Her gaze returned to the window view, and Elena delicately set aside the glass of wine with a sigh.

Of course, she had yearned for it, especially two years ago when she believed she had found the right man—the man she had wanted to marry.

However, who would have thought that that man was a son of bitch?

"Best not to dwell on it," Elena thought, her body trembling at the memory of that heartbreak. She shifted her attention, averting her eyes from the painful thoughts.

Elena averted her eyes when she felt someone pulling up the chair in front of her and sat down immediately, her eyebrows slightly raised as she observed the man who was wearing a suit.

"I am Li Yuchen," the man introduced himself. "As you mentioned, I have brought up the proposal myself. Can you sponsor us? Or should we discuss it in the privacy of a hotel room?" His tone tinged with a half-sarcastic edge.

Elena blinked her eyes when she heard the man's words. Proposal? Sponsors? What was he talking about?

All this time Elena had often sponsored promising business proposals, but that was done in her company, she never wanted to work when she was enjoying her time like this.

However, Elena still picked up the proposal from the table and began to read it.

Yuchen furrowed his brow, growing increasingly perplexed by the woman's silence. Wasn't she known for playing around with men? That's why she purposely invited him to the hotel to discuss their cooperation proposal?

"Miss Wu Jia Ni?" Yuchen called out again, seeking clarity from the woman who remained unresponsive.

Elena's forehead creased upon hearing the name mentioned. It seemed the man had mistaken her for someone else. But she couldn't help but feel offended that she was being mistaken for Wu Jia Ni—a career-driven woman who owned her own business and ranked among the ten richest women in China.

She is much better than that woman!

"Very well, I will be your sponsor. Are you willing to do anything for it?" Elena finally spoke, her gaze fixed on the man before her.

Yuchen nodded, intrigued by her proposition.

"In that case," Elena declared, a glimmer of mischief dancing in her eyes, "be my husband!"

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