The CEO's Contracted Husband is a Mafia Book

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The CEO's Contracted Husband is a Mafia


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Nam Elena, the esteemed CEO of Wang, stands as a global powerhouse in the cutthroat business world. With her captivating beauty and vast wealth, one would assume that Elena has it all. However, despite her success, she cannot evade the persistent question that plagues her from her parents: "When will you get married?" because she is now 35 years old. The age that according to the norms should already be on the path to building a family. To be honest, Elena didn't want to get married at all, especially after experiencing an unpleasant incident two years ago. An incident that made her no longer believe in love. As Elena enjoyed her evening at a restaurant, an unexpected man named Yuchen took a seat at her table. Mistakenly believing her to be someone else, he brazenly propositioned her for sponsorship in exchange for sexual favors. In a moment of audacity, Elena devised a daring plan—what if she sponsored him in exchange for him becoming her husband? With Yuchen's desperate demeanor and handsome appearance, they could pass as a couple without arousing suspicion. In the end, Elena offered Yuchen a marriage contract, which she initially thought would solve her problems. But as they play the roles of husband and wife, something unexpected happens. Elena, once cynical about love, finds herself drawn to Yuchen's sweet and affectionate nature. Despite knowing it's all a facade, her heart begins to flutter. However, who would have thought that Yuchen, the man she thought would become her husband for money, actually had a lot of secrets. As Elena delves deeper into Yuchen's mysterious world, a chilling revelation unravels. Turns out he is a key member of an infamous mafia family! But, is it the only secret Yuchen's hiding? What dark secrets are he hiding, and how will they impact their pretend marriage? Will Elena choose to confront the dangerous truth, risking her heart and safety for a man she can't fully trust? Or will the allure of their charade be too intoxicating to resist, tempting her to play with fire, even if it means getting burned? *** WARNING! This novel contain sensitive topic like abuse, assault, and kidnapping. It is not major of the story since I'm putting comedy on the tag. And there is no RAPE!! The scene may look like there's RAPE but there's NOT! Please read with caution! *** Ps: The cover does not belong to me, credit goes to the owner. You can tell me If you want it to be taken down. Pss: Check my other completed stories in English 1. Superstar Husband & Genius Wife 2. Cohabitation With My Ex-Husband


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