The CEO's Babymomma

SLOW BURN WARNING. Vanessa Scott, a 23 years old orphan and only guardian to her 16 years old sister Sophia is thrown into a dilemma when she is given a week to pay off her late father's debt or risk herself and her sister being taken captive by the debtors. Her only way out of this web is a deal that would change her life forever. A baby momma deal!. Alexander Moore a devilishly handsome and wealthy CEO has all it takes to sweep a woman off her feet but lacks the will to make any woman his wife. When it's time to have a child of his own, Alex decides what he needs is a surrogate. An unknown woman with certain physical attributes to carry his child to term for a huge amount of money. What happens when Vanessa meets all the specifications required to carry the child of a man who doesn't want to know her or be known by her? What happens when they meet against all odds and live under one roof with no knowledge of one another? Would Alex fall in love with his pregnant 'housemate' and make her his wife?

Da_Rose · Urban
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220 Chs

Need To Talk

Vanessa who stiffly sat in the cab with Alex was thankful that Buddy's cage was sitting between them with Buddy locked in, as she tried to calm the spiralling thoughts in her head and the overwhelming emotions coursing through her in torrent waves.

Emotions of shock and fear seared in her— Shock not just from having an intruder break into her house, but also from Alex kissing her.

She couldn't wrap her head around what had happened in the last half hour, but her body was still reeling from the shock of the events.

Her clammy hands clung to the strap of the seatbelt as she peeked a glance at Alex.

His gaze was intently focused on the road and his face was stoic, giving no hint of what was going through in his head right now, or when he kissed her.

Was he really taking her back to his place? And was she really going with him? Why? Was she ready for all that drama again? Especially in this state?