The CEO's Babymomma

SLOW BURN WARNING. Vanessa Scott, a 23 years old orphan and only guardian to her 16 years old sister Sophia is thrown into a dilemma when she is given a week to pay off her late father's debt or risk herself and her sister being taken captive by the debtors. Her only way out of this web is a deal that would change her life forever. A baby momma deal!. Alexander Moore a devilishly handsome and wealthy CEO has all it takes to sweep a woman off her feet but lacks the will to make any woman his wife. When it's time to have a child of his own, Alex decides what he needs is a surrogate. An unknown woman with certain physical attributes to carry his child to term for a huge amount of money. What happens when Vanessa meets all the specifications required to carry the child of a man who doesn't want to know her or be known by her? What happens when they meet against all odds and live under one roof with no knowledge of one another? Would Alex fall in love with his pregnant 'housemate' and make her his wife?

Da_Rose · Urban
Not enough ratings
220 Chs

"All That Glitters Isn't Gold..."

Vanessa was unable to bring herself to look at Alex all through the drive. She kept her head turned to the side as she battled with tears of anger and humiliation that burned her eyes. 

Of all people why did it have to be him? Of all days why did it have to be today? She turned when Sophia sneezed, and she looked at her sister with apologetic eyes as she blamed herself for being too incompetent to take proper care of her sister.

"You didn't tell me your name," Alex said, and without a doubt both sisters knew who he was referring to. 

Sophia cleared her throat as she adjusted in her seat, "I'm Sophia. Sophia Scott," Sophia said with a polite smile as she met Alex's gaze in the mirror.

"Why don't we stop at a nearby cafe to get you a hot cup of coffee, Sophia?" Alex asked, and this time she blushed as she smiled at him.

"I will love that. Thank you, Mr. Moore," Sophia said politely.