The CEO's Babymomma

Author: Da_Rose
Contemporary Romance
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What is The CEO's Babymomma

Read The CEO's Babymomma novel written by the author Da_Rose on WebNovel, This serial novel genre is Contemporary Romance stories, covering r18, comedy, sliceoflife, survival, ceo. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


SLOW BURN WARNING. Vanessa Scott, a 23 years old orphan and only guardian to her 16 years old sister Sophia is thrown into a dilemma when she is given a week to pay off her late father's debt or risk herself and her sister being taken captive by the debtors. Her only way out of this web is a deal that would change her life forever. A baby momma deal!. Alexander Moore a devilishly handsome and wealthy CEO has all it takes to sweep a woman off her feet but lacks the will to make any woman his wife. When it's time to have a child of his own, Alex decides what he needs is a surrogate. An unknown woman with certain physical attributes to carry his child to term for a huge amount of money. What happens when Vanessa meets all the specifications required to carry the child of a man who doesn't want to know her or be known by her? What happens when they meet against all odds and live under one roof with no knowledge of one another? Would Alex fall in love with his pregnant 'housemate' and make her his wife?

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LOVE this story~ relatable, engaging with comedy in the twist story~ Although it is a slow burn romance but it sure doesn't disappoint in terms of plot development between a gutsy and selfless FL that faced off a fierce ML that becomes her boss which in turn shows more of his true character after they (with her smart and cute high schooler sister) live together~ Would love to see more chapters coming♥️~ Thanks, author for such a good novel ♥️


The story line is amazing ... The Author is one of my favourite ... she knows how to mix fun and work to give us our fulfilled book. This particular story has everything ,Fun, tragedy, comedy , everything ... Add it to your collections and you won't regret it... Thank me later *wink*


Well written and engaging. FL is very relatable and gutsy in doing what she has to. I can't wait to read more! Keep up the good work author!!👍👍👍👍👍💖💖💖


The eventful stories surrounding Alex and Vanessa, gave different perspectives. How a surrogate mother getting attached to the baby, How Alex selfishly decided on surrogacy, How vanessa's happy family turned out with their father leaving a lot of gambling debts, How Sofia struggled in school and met Tyler, How Alex was treated by his father, How Alex reconciled with his mom... Everything in the story is very interesting and gives you the feeling of really looking forward to the next chapters !!!!


Well written! Understandable scene. Kept me interested with proper English construction. I guess I read many novels from various famous authors, when there is poor English construction, it turns me off. I think I already dropped a few novels because of it no matter how great of the story lines are. Readers shouldn’t feel confused when reading a story. Maybe I have OCD. It just bothers me greatly when there are no proper grammar and punctuation. Overall, I like your story. Keep it up. Looking forward to more of your works.


I absolutely loved this book. I couldn't put it down. This book will make you laugh and cry. I definitely recommend it.


this book is among the best I have read so far... keep it up author...☺️☺️.


The story had so much potential but fell from the lack of progress and stringing along of the readers. The writing eventually felt like they did anything to get enough words on the page to make you spend more money. I knew it was going to be slow burn story (at least they warned you before) but this became sloooooow half way through. The worst part was their comments, where they kept promising an end that never happens. 198 chapters out and still no conclusion after more than a month of waiting. Could have been a great story, but really fell for me after 100 episodes and feel cheated having to spend money on this lazy writing.


A beautiful story. Deep characters, a very resonable, realistic plot, slow burn. I like how people don't fall in love with beauty but rather the person, and that sure takes time. The struggles of the FL and her sister and their relationship is beautiful . The ML is interesting. He is someone who has come to live a solitary personal life and love it. The presence of people and the way it warms his heart is lovely. Altogether a lovely story....A book that hooks you. .


This book is great, really! I don't regret a second I have spent reading it, it's worth your time, vote and.....money!


The reason I have rated you as 4.6 instead of 5 is just because of the updating stability. A different story and not the usual FL being in a one night stand or the step sister taking advantage. Though it is slow burn , I liked the pace it is going. Both the leads are mature and very well carved out. Especially Vanessa. She is taking the responsibility in a very mature way. I may not agree with her becoming a surrogate, but she had no other choice I suppose. Please do update and complete the book author. And I really appreciate your english too. I am enjoying the book and hope you will not leave it in between


The author's work is so beautiful and wonderful character development,yet the book content is good for both old and young readers.Am loving and enjoying every bit of this story


Love it so much :)Couldn’t stop reading ..


Beautiful and I loved it... thank you author for such an amazing job.you did great, I'd recommend this book to anyone looking to have any awesome ride while reading this book


I finished this book today, and I must say, I enjoyed every tiny bit of it. The only thing I missed was the name of the beautiful angel Alex and Vanessa made☺️. But I already gave her a name in my mind 🤣. To Da-Rose, great job!! To Miss Behavior, massive thanks to you! Together, you both brought out something really, really great!!Thanks a lot, both of you! ❤️🎉🎗️


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