27 Too Much

Megan's POV

When Wednesday morning came, I got frantic about what to wear since I am excited to see Ashton, and I rummaged through my closet as I get more confused because everything I can find is my long dresses and pants.

"What is going on with you, Megan? And this is the first time I see you like this. Are you okay?" Ava asked me after she got out of the shower.

"I don't know what to wear," I said as my sister laughs at me.

"Are you kidding me? When did you turn out like this? It bothers me that you don't care about what you were wearing before. Does it mean Ashton is going to pick us up this morning?" She asked, and when I looked at her, her face fell.

"And why do you look like that?" I asked her in return.

"Are you disappointed that Lennon and Cole will not come and get us?" I asked, and my sister blushed.

"Ava, you should stay away from Cole. While it is still early? Once Dex will find out you were texting Cole Pritzgold, we will be doomed. Besides, he is sixteen already." I declared, and she pouted her lips before she speaks.

"I will be fifteen three months from now, Megan, and you are not the only one entitled to date." She said.

"Look, I know you like Cole, Ava, but do you know I am dating Ashton in secret? It is because our big brother told me to break up with him, and I don't want you to get hurt," I said.

"We are not dating Megan, and we are just friends." She answered.

"Okay, don't get angry. I am just curious why you blush every time I mentioned Cole's name." I said, and she gets dress without talking to me, and then she looked into my closet and pulled out a mini skirt with an off-the-shoulder blouse.

"If you want my advice, you should wear that pair of clothing, mom bought that for you, not to be displayed, she wanted you to wear it, and I think it is about time you should display your beautiful legs while you are still young. When do you plan to show them? When you are old enough to walk?" My sister said, and I got shocked by her statement, and she left me in my room speechless, and I laugh hard. I never thought Ava was one of those people who mock my outfit every day.

I stood up and changed into my miniskirt and blouse, and I remember it was a gift from my mom on my birthday last year. And when I looked at myself in the mirror, I smiled when I realized I looked good, and maybe it is time to show everyone that I deserve to be called Ashton's girlfriend. I get out of our room, and when I walked to the living room, my sister is widely smiling at me.

"You looked beautiful, Megan, and I love your shoes." She said as she looked at me from head to toe. I only wear doll shoes since I don't want to stumble and because they are comfortable, and I know I don't need to wear high heels since I am taller than average girls, but my five feet seven inches height is still short for Ashton because he stands six feet and two inches tall, more or less.

"Thank you, Ava, for choosing my outfit for today," I said.

"I am sorry, Meg if I say something about the way you dress. You are beautiful, but I want to tell you the truth since I am your sister. I felt hurt every time I heard someone say, you look like a witch lady." She said, and I smiled at her.

"I am sorry, Ava, I didn't know you become affected by my weird wardrobe, and don't worry, starting today, I will look like your twin sister," I said, and she giggled.

The look on Ashton's face when he saw me was priceless. And he was speechless, and I was shocked when I found Cole sitting in the backseat.

"Wow! I was only absent for two days, and my girlfriend became hotter already." He said, and I laugh.

"Yeah! You look great, Meg." Cole said, and I turned my head to look at him.

"Thank you, Cole," I said, and I can't stop myself from smiling when I found Ashton stealing glances at me until we reach the school ground. Cole and Ava got out right away, and I know Ashton's brother will take my sister to her room, while I felt so nervous after two days of not seeing my boyfriend.

"I miss you so much, Meg." He said as he cupped my chin, and he kissed me passionately.

"I miss you too, " I replied after he stops kissing me, and I can feel butterflies on my stomach. And he climbed out from his seat and opened the door for me, and he didn't budge when I climbed out of his car. He put his hands on the car door while looking at me, and Ashton kissed me one more time in front of everyone in the parking lot. And we stopped kissing while my boyfriend held my hand, and he walked with me to the library, and I heard his friends greeted us, and it feels so great that they recognized me now as Ashton's girl, while Lauren and her friends are looking daggers at me.

And it felt terrific to get back at Lauren after everything she had done to hurt me, and the last thing she did to me was the worst. She is getting personal. My friends meet me in the library after I said goodbye to Ashton, and I am so glad he is now back on his feet because their game for the playoff is about to start. I know his fellow football players depend on him even if I haven't seen him played during his game. I have heard enough of his talent. That is why he is called the football prodigy of Astikoz.

I felt glad his coach exempt him from attending the practice for the rest of the week because of his injury, and since I don't have a part-time job at the moment, we spend our time together after school. I became closer with Ashton, and my brother was right. It became more challenging for me to break up with him until I decided to fight for my love for Ashton.

"Hey, why don't you want me to visit your house?" Ashton asked me. I was lying on his pick-up while my head is on his lap, and we are at his favorite place. It was part of their property but far from their house. And I love watching the green grass around us while he was stroking my hair.

"I already told you, my brother warned me not to date you. And I don't want us to break up that is why I can't take you home." I said, and he smiled.

"But I want to face your brother and tell him I am serious about you." He insisted.

"My brother was also serious when he asked me to stay away from you, and I can't blame him, Ashton. We are worlds apart, " I replied.

"Meg, it doesn't matter besides, when we got married in the future, I will provide for you." He said, and I cough because I can't believe he already talked about marriage.

"Are you okay?" He asked, and he gets the bottled water, and he helped me to get up, and I drank the water. My time with Ashton was perfect that I always sleep at night with a smile on my face, and because we were always together, no one bothers me for the entire week.

"I hate that I have practice again next week." He said, and it was Friday night, and we are eating pizza not so far from our house.

"Why?" I asked, and I got confused why he suddenly lost interest in football.

"Because I can't be with you." He said, and my smile broadens, and my heart swelled with happiness.

The following day Aunt Sonia drives us to our new client, and we are so excited, but my face fell when I realized we are taking the road to Astikoz Hills. And I suddenly got nervous about which mansion we are going to spend our day because most of our classmates live in this exclusive subdivision especially, Ashton and Zach.

"The lady who paid me said, you will work for her only on Saturdays for the entire month, but she paid your Sunday as well. She is so generous, and her only condition is you will go home at exactly midnight. Do you think you can handle that, girls?" She asked us.

"Who will pick us up, Aunt Sonia?" Alice asked.

"It is either your boyfriend or Megan's brother. But I already got it covered since our client paid for your transportation as well. I asked Dexter if he could pick you up later, and I will pay him good money, and he said yes." Aunt Sonia Said, and I felt relieved that we will not be walking in going home. 

I am not embarrassed by working any types of work from cleaning houses and tending the gardens as long as it is legal, and I am already an adult, but right now that I am already Ashton's girlfriend; I got nervous about what he will think about me, especially if I am working on our classmate's mansion. As we get closer to our destination, I become more anxious.

"Good morning! Sonia!" I am shocked to be in front of Lauren's mansion. And I know it, she planned everything; aunt Sonia left while Lauren ordered us to follow her as if she doesn't know us at all. Alice looked at me with concern on her face, but we can't back down now since she already paid in advance, and I don't want Aunt Sonia to get into trouble.

"You should start cleaning at the living room, and you must wear the maid's uniform first." She declared, and she tossed at me my black and white pleaded maid's uniform. She instructed us where to find the restroom where we could change.

"I am sorry, Megan," Alice said after we changed our clothes.

"Why do you say sorry, Alice?" I asked.

"I didn't ask Aunt Sonia who will be our client; if I have known, I will beg my aunt." She said, and I can see the sadness in her eyes.

"Hey, it is okay, Alice, I am not afraid of Lauren, and if she is planning to do something to me, I don't think she is not desperate enough to kill me. I can take any pain she will throw at me; besides, she paid us good money." I said.

"But she is doing all this to humiliate you and to show it to your face that they owned this gigantic house." She said, but I smiled at Alice.

We got so tired from our work the entire day, and one of the maids told us Lauren's parents are not around, and she is going to have a party at the pool tonight with her friends, and she wants us to serve the food.

"Are you okay?" Alice said after we eat our snack.

"Yes, of course," I replied.

We prepared the table and chairs, and Lauren's friends started to arrive; and as expected, her rich friends from our school and many football players came, and Ashton's friends greeted me as if they don't care at all while the girls are laughing at me. I ignored them, and I continue serving food when I felt someone came closer to me and put his hands on my waist, and when I turned around, I am face to face with Ashton.

"Hi, Meg, you didn't tell me you will have your part-time job here at Lauren's place." He said while he was smiling at me.

"You are not upset?" I asked, and he pulled me closer to him.

"Upset about what?" He asked, confused.

"I am only a little hurt that you didn't text me the whole day, and I understand now that you were so busy." He added, and I couldn't contain my happiness that he doesn't feel ashamed that I am wearing a maid's uniform.

"You looked hot with your outfit, Meg." He said, and I blushed.

"I need to go now, Ashton, since Lauren will get angry. My work will end at midnight." I said, and his face fell.

"I can talk to Lauren, Meg." He replied.

"No, please, don't," I said, and he kissed me on the lips before he let me go while I saw Lauren's looking dagger at me. Ashton joined with his friends, and I felt so triumphant that Lauren didn't win.

But my happiness was cut short when Lauren walked closer to me while I was holding a tray full of cans of sodas, then I was too shocked to react when she pushed me toward the swimming pool. I tried to grab her hand, but she pushed me with too much force, and the last thing I heard was the laughter of her friends.

I realized their swimming pool is deep, and I swim going to the side, and I saw Cole, Lennon, Zach, And Ashton, and the rest of my boyfriend's teammates at the side of the pool waiting for me, and Zach and Ashton both offered their hands, and they hauled me from the water.

"What is wrong with you, Lauren?" I heard Ashton's booming voice, and I can see the anger on his face while I was shivering from the cold, and Ashton takes me into his warm body.

"Why do you blame me, Ashton? Your slut of a girlfriend slipped, and it is not my fault." Lauren answered him with the same angry tone.

"I saw you pushed Megan so she will fall into the water, Lauren," Ashton said, and this time, he tried to control his anger.

"Ha! Don't pretend you care about her, Ashton," Lauren said, and I can feel Ashton's body tensed.

"Why don't you tell Megan now why you courted her in the first place?" Lauren asked Ashton, and my boyfriend was speechless, and I raised my head and looked at him.

"What is she talking about, Ashton?" I asked him while I can feel my entire body shivered.

"Why don't you tell Megan that you only asked her to be your girlfriend so you can get back at her brother for breaking your sweet sister's heart by making her fall in love with you and leave her and shatter her heart? I know all about it because I am close with Isabelle." Lauren shouted, and my entire world turned so dark.

"Is it true, Ashton?" I demanded while I keep my tears from falling, and the whole place turned so quiet, and I saw my boyfriend's face turned so pale and his legs are shaking.

"Meg, let me explain," Ashton said, and I can feel my heart is pierced with too much pain and sadness. I pushed Ashton, and I ran away from the swimming pool with tears pouring down my cheeks while I heard Alice's voice calling behind me.

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