192 In Her Arms

Ashton's POV

I love spending time with Megan, but we both have company to run, and I felt so excited to drive the love of my life to her office, and as I was driving her car; I couldn't stop myself from stealing glances at her, and I wanted to pull over on the side of the road and take her sweet mouth, but we don't want to be late because we both have early meetings to attend, and just thinking about Megan being the CEO of her company made me feel so proud of her.

And when we arrived at the parking area of her building, I could no longer control myself, and I kissed Megan right away after I assisted her in climbing out from the passenger's seat. I claimed her mouth without thinking reporters were waiting for her to come to her office. It was too late for me to protect her because they had already captured our pictures kissing each other, and for the first time, I let go of my fears, and I wanted to show the entire world that I am with the woman I love.


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