191 His Declaration Of Love

Megan's POV

"Are you sure you want to spend your entire day with us?" I asked Ashton when he told me he would take an emergency leave like me, and I felt so happy knowing we would be spending time together with my mom and dad. 

"Yes, I already called my secretary to cancel all my prior engagements for today because I would be spending time with my lady boss." He said, and he winked at me while I couldn't stop from having the knots on my stomach as he looked at me with intensity.

"I love that," I responded as I giggled.

"And I love you, Ms. Megan Corteza." He replied, and I felt like I was on cloud nine.

We spent the entire morning bonding with my parents and catching up with them. And I realize how I miss having them around. And I couldn't thank Ashton enough for bringing my parents to Megalopre. My dad and Ashton are talking in the living room after lunch while mom and I are in their room talking about my father.


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