193 His Chaotic World

Megan's POV

"Well, I could still see that your face is flushed; how does it feel to become a celebrity, Ms. Corteza?" Alice asked me the moment she got inside my office, and my eyes widened in shock, and I didn't expect my best friend to know what had happened earlier.

"Don't look so surprised, my dear, you are all over the news today once again, and that kiss was mindblowing that made Ashton's fans get so crazy, and I think they will never ask again who the father of your son is." She said, and my face fell.

"That is fast," I mumbled.

"Meg, we are now in a new era, it is different now, they can quickly post everything online, unlike before you needed to watch the news on the television, or read the newspaper early morning just to read the latest gossip," she responded, and I released a deep sigh.


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