184 Embracing His World

Megan's POV

"Where is dad, mom?" Axel asked right away when he found me in the kitchen cooking his favorite food, and I turned around and smiled at him.

"Your father had to leave early in the morning because he needed to attend a very important meeting. And your dad wanted to say goodbye to you before he left, but I begged him not to wake you up because you are still growing up." I responded, and I could tell he was a little disappointed, and my son tried to hide it from me, and I felt a pang on my chest because he was wearing his black and gold football jersey with his father's number on it, and I knew he was excited to have a game with Ashton.

"Ah, okay," He replied as he tried to hide the ball on his back, but his outfit was enough to tell me about his plan for the morning. And he sat on the dining chair while he watched me put his pancake with fresh banana and egg omelet on his plate.

"What do you want to do today, son?" I asked as I ruffled his hair.


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