3 Tyler's Reputation

Arabella's POV

We continued to eat our meal, but we remained silent. I felt I offended him, and I didn't know how to take back what I said, and I felt guilty because Ty helped me.

"I am sorry if I have expressed those words. It was because I know your reputation." I said, and that was when he looked at me again, but I could see the sadness on his face.

"Oh, so what is my stature, Ara? Can you at least tell me so that I have an idea of what I am in your eyes?" He asked.

"Girls call you a playboy in the entire Perfect Blue Island, but they find you fascinating that is why they still want to know you, pretty girls constantly surround you, and you are regularly seen kissing different girls almost every month; you have a different girlfriend now and then," I said. He stared at me for a long time, and he laughed again.

"Well, I can't blame them for judging me, but those girls throw themselves at me, I am still young Arabella, and I enjoy my life. Sometimes they just come to me and ask me to be their boyfriend and what do you wish me to do? I always told those ladies I don't wish to be exclusive since I am still enjoying my freedom." He said.

"They call me a playboy, but for the record, I never have an actual girlfriend, Ara, because I have never seen a young woman that I wish to be my girlfriend. " Ty added.

"No one on the entire Island has captured my heart, and this is the first time I feel this kind of attraction towards a lady, and it happens you are so different, and you have a boyfriend." He declared, and I couldn't stop the rapid beating of my heart.

"You fascinated me from the first moment I laid my eyes on your lovely face; even if you were crying, you are beautiful, Arabella." He declared, and I could tell my entire face blushed, for I felt so warm all over my body. It feels like I am dreaming; I can't believe Tyler Edgebright will call me beautiful.

"Thanks," I mumbled.

"And to be honest, I think I will be the one who will lay wide awake tonight thinking of the kiss we shared. I wish to kiss you again, Arabella, but I know you don't feel any attraction towards me, and I respect that, but I hope we can be friends." He declared, and I smiled.

"Of course, I wish to be your friend, Tyler," I answered, and I couldn't contain my happiness. Not everyone on the entire Island has the privilege to be asked by Tyler to be his friend.

"At least you allow me to be your friend." He stated and gave me his beautiful perfect smile that could melt any girl's heart. His dimples are hypnotizing, and no wonder many girls are begging to be with him.

"Thank you for joining me for dinner, Ara, I want to spend more time with you, but I can tell you look so tired. Can I at least have your contact number?" He asked, and I hesitated.

"Okay, don't give me your number, just show me your phone so that I can key in my contact details, we don't know you will call for my help again, and I promise you, Arabella, I will be there for you if you will need me." He said, and I handed him my phone.

"I just hope you will message me or call me soon." He added and gave me back my phone. Ty sends me to my cabin, and I hate myself that at the back of my head, I want to spend more time with him.

I lay on my bed thinking about my conversations with Tyler Edgebright. I can tell he is a gentleman, and maybe they are wrong about their theory; well, he is rich, famous, and very handsome. It is only normal for girls to seek his attention.

I can't sleep thinking about his words, that this is the first time he has experienced such kind of emotion. I can't help but smile, thinking Tyler likes me. Still, I can't believe maybe he was only talking like that because he wanted to have a one-night stand with me.

And he realized I am not one of those women that his charm will quickly work on them, but deep inside, I wish to be like those girls who dare to get what they prefer even though they know they can never have him. I always have the hopeless, romantic kind of girl. I love the happy ending; that is why I constantly choose to be on the safe side.

I don't want to gamble since I don't particularly appreciate being hurt; that is why I choose Matt because I realize I am safe with him. I have had many suitors before, but I turned them down because I only like Matthew since he is sincere, and I know he loves me.

And I got so guilty for kissing Tyler back, and I don't know if I can tell Matt about this; we are always honest with each other. I was thinking about Tyler and Matt until I fell asleep, and I felt disoriented when I heard thumping on the door, and I almost forgot I was sleeping in the cabin of Tyler's yacht.

"Hi!" He greeted me when I opened the door, and I felt a little conscious because my red copper hair was a mess.

"Hello!" I answered him with a shy grin, and his deep gaze penetrated my soul.

"We arrived safely on the Island, you can spend the night if you like, but I guess you require coming home since you almost swam the ocean just to hit home, and I thought you have some emergency to attend to." He declared, and I smirked at him.

"Yeah, I need to go somewhere," I said, and he raised his eyebrow.

"Okay, take your time, and I will wait for you at the gangway." He said and turned around and walked away from me.

I picked up my things and combed my hair, and made a ponytail, then I put on my coat, and I looked at the cabin one more time. I smiled while I got my phone, I took some selfies because it was my first time boarding a private yacht, and I could show it to my older sister, and I knew she needed some evidence before she would believe my stories. And how I wish I could take a picture of Tyler, for sure, Lucy will go crazy about it.

I walk to the gangway, and I can't stop my stomach fluttering. Ty looked so hot wearing a black leather jacket and black pants. Ty will always look like a celebrity because of his looks and posture; his masculine and stiff muscles are inviting. That is why every girl on the Island is crazy about him. He takes the suitcase from my grip, and as usual, the minute his hand brushes my fingers, I can feel the electricity that travels my entire body.

He assisted me in going down to the platform, and we walked outside the port; I didn't know if I could ride a bus at this hour, and I didn't wish to ask my sister, Lucy, or Matt to pick me up. And I am not sure if my best friend, Hazel, is still awake. I did not tell anyone I was coming home, so I know they are now on their bed sleeping. I didn't even bother to reply to Matt's messages because I wished to surprise him.

Furthermore, I was stunned when a luxury car stopped in front of us, and the driver got outside of the car and threw the car key at Tyler.

"Get in, Arabella." He said as he opened the passenger's door for me, I wished to say no, but I realized I couldn't find a decent ride at this hour since it was almost midnight. I know I can hitch, but it is risky since I am afraid to go with a stranger. I got inside the car, and I buckled my seatbelt.

"Can you tell me your exact address?" He asked, and I blushed.

"I am going to my boyfriend's vacation home," I said, and I couldn't stop blushing.

"Ah, I see. I am a little hurt, Ms. Ravalli since this is the first time I have taken a girl into her boyfriend's house. My heart is telling me it is not the best idea to take you there, but I feel there is something you want to discover, and you are on a mission." He declared, and I was shocked that he knew I wanted to find out something.

"I perceive I don't have any right to pry, but if you would share it with me as your new friend, I will appreciate it." He declared, and I couldn't stop myself from smiling.

I tell Ty the address of Matt, and I realize he is familiar with the place since many pretty girls owned vacation homes in Ty's neighborhood.

"So, your boyfriend belongs to a wealthy family on the Island." He said, and I didn't answer him. I know we belong to an average household; we are not considered wealthy, and that is why I am on the mainland working part-time and studying at the same time.

I miss our place, and I will always love Azure. Our hometown is known because of its clear water and corals. Tourists came to the Perfect Blue Island to dive, snorkel, and have a swim. I remember most of my vacation breaks and holidays; when my dad was still alive, I spent so many times on the water fishing.

I was so busy thinking about my father when we arrived at Matt's place, and I couldn't stop my heart from hammering. And I wish the text message that I received was just a prank since I don't know what to do if it was all true.

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