The CEO’s Cold Hearted Ex

Eighteen years old Arabella "Ara" Ravalli was devastated when she did not catch the last ferry in going to the Island, she is on her way home because of an emergency. Tyler "Ty" Edgebright is on his way to the Perfect Blue Island Resort And Spa. He was on the harbor when he saw a beautiful young woman crying, and he cannot stop himself from admiring her angelic face since her beauty fascinated him. It shocked Ara when the famous"Island's Heartbreaker" Tyler, the hot and handsome son of the Business Tycoon who owned the five-star resort on the Island, offered her a free ride on his yacht in going home to the Island. Ara's boyfriend betrayed her with the person she trusted the most. His deception made her so lost and broken-hearted. ======= Excerpt: "I am not allowed to fall in love with you, right?" Arabella asked Tyler. "Yes." He replied. "What will happen if I will fall for you?" She asked. "Then, it is time we need to break up." He replied. Ara realized Ty's condition is a bit weird, but she grabbed it for she knew he is the only one who can help her mend her broken heart. But as they get to know each other, Ara realized she became more in love with Ty than her ex. Then one day Tyler breaks Arabella's heart when she finds out Tyler's greatest lie. It drove her to leave the Island with a promise that she would never set foot on the place where her heart had been shattered. But one incident caused Ara to return home to the Island, and she is compelled to face her ex-boyfriend, who is now the hot CEO of the Perfect Blue Island Resort. Tyler meets Ara again, she became more beautiful and gorgeous, but she came to be so cold towards him. Ty realized he wanted to win back Arabella's heart. But how can Ty change Ara's heart that turned harder than a stone, and colder than ice? Can Ara give herself a chance to trust and fall in love again with the same person who crushed her heart? ---------------------------------------------------- Thank you to all readers! Please support my other books entitled: Princess Malia's Secret Falling In Love With Miracle My Friend's Arrogant Brother Loving Madeline The Powerful Dragon Witch The CEO's Perfect Mistake You Can't Buy My Love

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To Safeguard My Heart

Arabella's POV

"How could you not call me Ara?" Hazel said as she looked at me, and I could tell she was disappointed that I didn't tell her that I had come home.

"I am sorry, Hazel, I know it was unexpected, and I didn't call you because I didn't want to bother you. I know you don't want me to get sad or worried, so I choose to come home and find out the truth." I replied.

"So, you choose Tyler to be your best friend now and not me? I only heard the rumors that you were here on the island. How could you not tell me? If not for my sister, I would never know you were already here. I am hurt, and another thing, you didn't even tell me about what happened between you and Matthew. And I hate Lucy for what she did to you." She said as we walked on the shore.

I didn't expect that she would be waiting home for me early in the morning, and I am just glad Tyler sent me home early. The truth is I felt so guilty that I was so busy with my life after what happened between Matthew and me.

I was trying to mend my broken heart that I didn't call my best friend and inform her that I had already arrived. I had promised her that the moment I arrived at the Perfect Blue Island, I would call her immediately, but since Tyler came into our house yesterday, I couldn't visit Hazel at her house.

"I am sorry, again, OK? I tried to call you, but because of what happened, you know I am hurting, and I don't want you to know and witness my misery." I replied.

"Oh? Or have you become so busy with your new boyfriend? How could you not tell me about all this, Ara?" She asked, and I could see the frustrations in her eyes.

"That is why I am telling you all about it now. At least I don't look like a mess anymore. Am I forgiven?" I asked, and she smiled at me, and I realized how much I missed my best friend.

I was on my break from the shop, and my mom was covering for me, and I hated that I needed to go back to the mainland tomorrow. We both sat on the sand while watching the tourists enjoying the beach, and I could see children running and chasing each other. And I felt so lonely as I suddenly remembered my dad.

"Hey, I am sorry too, Ara. I know I should not blame you for not telling me everything right away. My role as your best friend is to understand you. It would be best if you didn't look sad, and right now, I could tell you are still in deep pain. How I wish I had the power to take away your pain, Ara." She said, and I tried to smile at her.

"Hey, don't worry about me, Hazel. You know

me; I can take all the pain. I suddenly remember my dad. And you know that this is my favorite time of the year because I can spend more time with him on his boat." I said, and she nodded her head.

"Yeah, I know, and so many times, my parents reprimanded me for coming with you guys to the ocean. Those memories are my favorite too but don't worry, Arabella, we both know your father is watching over you." She responded, and I smiled at Hazel.

"Why didn't you tell me about my sister and Matthew, Hazel?" I asked, and I could tell she tensed up and looked at me in the eyes.

"Because I don't believe in rumors, Ara. I know how you respect and adore your sister, and I don't want to ruin your relationship with her. Besides, I couldn't believe that she would do it to you. You are her younger sister, for heaven's sake. How could she hurt you that way? I know I am at fault because I never doubt Matthew's loyalty to you." She declared.

And I could tell her sincerity, and I know Hazel's personality, and that is why we are best friends; and I can't blame her that she didn't tell me anything based on hearsays, and I realized it was better if I found out the truth with my two eyes.

"I am just shocked you suddenly became close with the island's heartbreaker, and as your best friend, I want to warn you, but it made me realize I am not in the position to tell you what to do because we are now adults," Hazel said.

"Besides, I can't say that everything we knew about Tyler was true. Those are all rumors, and we don't belong in his world. Besides, Matthew still fooled and hurt you even if we believed he was the perfect guy for you." My best friend added, and I couldn't disagree with her.

"Yeah, Tyler saved me countless times, Hazel. And I can't deny he is a charmer, and I couldn't stop my heart from feeling so excited every time he smiles at me, and his dimples alone could make my heart melt at once." I said, and my best friend nodded her head.

"Yeah, of course, and I don't think there is a single female here around the island that will not appreciate his beauty. And there is no doubt you will also fall for him." She responded.

"I am not telling you to stop your heart, Ara. You are still young; enjoy your life, and stop thinking about Matthew and his lies because it will only make you miserable. If I were you, I would focus my time and energy thinking about the most handsome man on the island." She said.

And my best friend giggled while I was shaking my head, but I couldn't stop myself from smiling with her. We both got up, and we headed back to the souvenir shop while I was still smiling.

"So, you are leaving again tomorrow?" She asked, and I nodded my head, and my best friend fell silent.

"I am sorry, but don't worry, I think I will be spending my summer here," I said, and her face lit up; I could tell Hazel was very excited about it, and I couldn't stop myself from feeling thrilled as well.

"Wow! That is good news, Ara. What are your plans for the summer?" She asked.

"Tyler said there is an opening in the resort where I can work part-time, and I want to help mom at the shop at the same time after my shift if ever I will have the chance to work at the resort, and maybe I will ask Ty to have an early schedule since I know Lucy kept skipping her scheduled duty on the shop.

"Be sure to put me in your schedule, okay. I will be busy also with our restaurant, but I will find time to be with you." She said, and I am getting excited.

"Of course, I will have time with you alone," I responded.

I asked my mom to go home and rest while I made the inventory later and watched over the store. Hazel stayed with me for the rest of the morning, and we talked with each other non-stop, and she went home before lunchtime.

I was busy entertaining customers the entire time that I didn't notice Tyler was watching me on the corner until one of my customers mentioned his name. I could feel the butterflies on my stomach when I found him looking at me with intensity, and the moment he smiled at me, my pulse quickened, and I couldn't stop my heart from pounding hard against my chest.

"Hey, beautiful!" He greeted me and handed me a box.

"Hello, handsome!" I replied to him, and his dimples were killing me.

"What is this?" I asked because I couldn't stop

myself from feeling curious, and when he leaned down and kissed me, my entire world stood still, and it felt like we were the only ones on the whole island.

I could feel my face blushing after our hot kiss, and he only stopped kissing me when one of the customers cleared her throat and asked me about the price of the necklace.

The young woman called him a while ago, and I could tell she was disappointed to see that Ty was

kissing me; I know I should stop him from doing it, especially in public, but how can I resist his perfect lips?

"You don't need to do this, Ty!" I exclaimed when I realized he had brought me take-out food, and I smiled, and I couldn't stop my mouth from watering the moment I opened the food, and the smell of shrimp wafted in the air.

"I don't want my girl to be hungry, you know." He said, and he looked so handsome with his business suit.

"By the way, why are you wearing like that?" I asked, and he laughed.

"My dad wants me to join him in meeting with his business partners, and I couldn't say no. Why? Do I look funny?" He asked, and I shook my head.

"No, it was the exact opposite, Mr. Edgebright. You looked so dashing and handsome." I said, and he beamed at me.

"I know, sweetheart." He replied, and he touched my face with his fingers, and I could feel the electricity that traveled from my fingertips down to my spine.

And I realized how I could safeguard my heart from Tyler when he was like this? Ty is so charming and caring. And I know I have to do everything to stop my heart from falling for him if I want to remain close with Tyler.