26 The Manager

Arabella's POV

Tyler got out of his car, and he kissed me on the lips; and I hugged him tightly while I kissed him back. I encouraged Tyler to kiss me more because I could feel my sister and ex-boyfriend were looking at us, and I wanted them to know I am now so happy with my relationship with Ty.

I could tell I had forgotten the main reason I was kissing Tyler hungrily because I could feel the knots on my stomach when Ty kissed me long and wild, and I could feel my knees were still trembling because of the best kiss that we shared.

"Hey, gorgeous, why did you look so angry a while ago? Did your sister harass you again?" Tyler asked the moment he let go of my mouth. And I got inside his car after our hot kiss, and I looked at him in the eyes before I spoke.


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