19 Running Away

Arabella's POV

"Ara, can you at least stay for another day?" My mom said as we ate our breakfast together, and I could feel a pang on my chest. I don't want to go back to the mainland, but I don't have a choice since I need to go back to work because I need enough money for my college education.

And not only that, I need to mend my broken heart, and I don't want to use Tyler anymore because I can't deny I am beginning to like him, and I am afraid I will become more broken-hearted if I let myself fall for him. It would become a disaster because he had already told me I couldn't fall in love with him.

"I am sorry, mom, but I promise I will be back before the start of the first semester," I said, and she looked at me with tenderness.

"I am so sorry, Ara, I don't have enough money to support you in your studies, and you have to be on your own. I am so proud of you, and I wish your sister would do the same." My mom responded, and I looked her in the eyes.

"I felt terrible that I couldn't be here with you, mom. I know it is summer and I should help you in the shop, especially now that tourists have started to come. And I hope Lucy will come to her senses, and instead of spending her time with Matt the entire day, she will help you at the shop." I said, and I could see the sadness and disappointment on my mom's face.

"I know. I am sorry that your sister cheated on you, Ara. Last summer, you stayed with me, and I could tell you wanted to forget what happened. That is why you will go back to the mainland." She said, and I can't disagree with my mother.

We are eating breakfast on the back patio of our house, where we can see the ocean, and I am sure I will miss Azure again, and I wish I could stay.

"What time do you plan to leave?"Mom asked.

"I would like to take the 11:00 a.m. Ferry schedule so I can help you in the shop this morning, mom." I said.

"Thank you, Ara. Please stop sending money for our groceries and utilities, my income at the shop is more than enough to take good care of everything around here." My mom declared, and I shook my head.

"Mom, I wanted to have over time, so I can have extra money to send you; you don't need to feel guilty; I have enough savings. Your youngest daughter is smart, so I also earned money from my tutorial classes." I said, and my mom caressed my face.

"How I wish your sister is like you. She can look for a part-time job since she will only help me at the shop any time convenient to her." She said, and I released a soft sigh.

"I don't think she will ever change because that is her personality, and I know if you remind her to help you, she will only hurt your feelings. I hope she will not become a burden to you, mom." I said, and my mom smiled at me.

"Whatever happens, she will always be your sister, Ara, and you have to promise me if ever something will happen to me, you will look after your sister." My mom said.

"Mom, please stop talking nonsense. You know me, even if Lucy hurt me so badly, I still care about her, and don't worry, I will never hold a grudge against my sister, mom, for now, I don't want to face her yet because it is all too fresh, but don't worry, I am sure in time I can forgive her." I answered.

"Her betrayal hurt me like hell, but I realized if only Matthew's love for me were strong enough, I guess he would never give me up, and Matt would consider my feelings because Lucy is my sister and not only that, I felt so close with my elder sister growing up, and now I couldn't believe because of one boy Lucy ruined the beautiful relationship I have with her," I added.

"I have always noticed that your sister is envious of you, Ara, and I kept telling her that you are special, and I don't know what is happening to your sister anymore." She said, and I caressed my mom's hand over the table.

"Don't worry, mom, I know Lucy will realize her mistakes soon. I know I can't be with her yet because the wound in my heart is still fresh, and I can't stop myself from hurting every time I see her, so it is better if I will leave for now, and I think this is for the best for all of us. And I hope the moment I come back, I can forgive Lucy." I said, and my mom was smiling at me.

"Arabella, I am so proud to have you as my daughter, and I am so glad that you are not like your sister. Your broad understanding made you more mature than Lucy, and thank you for being my daughter." She said, and I smiled, and I couldn't stop my tears from falling; and I know my mom loves my sister as much as she loves me, and I hope Lucy will take good care of my mom

while I am away.

"Hello, guys!" Hazel said the moment she found us at the back of our house.

"I tried knocking on your door, but no one answered, and I know you are still here since Aunt Clarissa's car is still in your garage." She said as she joined us at the table, and I couldn't stop laughing when I saw her get some pancakes on the table. She almost threw them when she realized they were still so hot.

"Why you didn't tell me the pancakes are still hot." She said, and I couldn't stop myself from


"I am sorry, I didn't expect you to get some pancakes without being invited," I said as I glanced at her.

"You didn't tell us you wanted to have some pancakes," I added, and I could hear mom laughing as well as she handed my best friend a plate where she could put her pancake, and I gave her the maple syrup.

"You know I always love Aunt Clarissa's cooking." She replied, and she sat down beside me and ate her share in silence.

"Why are you here, Hazel? I asked, and I could see the hurt on her face.

"First, you came home without telling me anything about what is happening in your life, and now you are leaving the Perfect Blue Island. You are asking me what I am doing here? Do you still want me to be your best friend, Ara?" She asked, and I looked at her with affection.

"I am sorry, I don't mean it that way. I only asked because I am so worried if your father will be looking for you." I replied.

"No, he will not be looking for me this morning, and I want to go with you to your shop to have different surroundings. I got tired of slicing vegetables and grilling meat and fish. For once, I wanted to look beautiful near the shore." She said, and I remember when I would come into their restaurant and help her parents in the kitchen.

It was fun because growing up, I always loved cooking, and I learned a lot from Hazel's folks. And that is why I became so close with them, even to Hazel's siblings, and I can tell her brothers adores me.

Together we rode in my mom's car going to the shop, and I felt so happy that before we could even open the shop, customers were already lining up. I realized girls were mainly our age, and I could tell some of them came from other municipalities who studied in Azure High School.

"It is true that Tyler sometimes visits here?" One of the girls asked me, and I slowly nodded my head as I realized they were only here because of Ty.

"Are you his girlfriend?" The other girl asked, and I could feel the blush on my face as I said yes in more than a whisper because how can I say it aloud when I know having Tyler as my boyfriend is more complicated than I thought?

His conditions were weird and ridiculous, but I didn't have a choice but to accept his offer to stop myself from hurting every time I saw Lucy and Matthew together. Besides, I will be leaving for the mainland today to stay away from the people who betray and hurt me.

The morning passed quickly, and I said goodbye to my mom and Hazel after they dropped me at the port; and I could feel the heaviness of my heart as I boarded the ferry.

I sat on the far end, hoping no one would sit beside me, and I felt so delighted that there were only a few passengers on board since it was still early, I knew the peak hours would be in the afternoon, and the last trip will usually fully booked because of the tourists.

The moment the ferry left the island, I felt sad, and as I watched the port and heard the rumbling of the engine, I could feel the heaviness of my heart when I realized I had come home to get myself broken.

I couldn't deny it to myself. I was running away from my sister and Matthew, especially the boy I met who made me feel happy even for a while. And I am sure I will miss Tyler Edgebright, and I wondered why I thought about him instead of Matthew.

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