71 Not Even In My Dreams


I find it so hard to sleep; who could have slept with that kind of news I received. I was still in a daze as I got up from bed the following day. I was on my way to the bathroom to take a bath when I heard a slow thumping on my door, and I wondered who it was; I didn't order room service, and I put the Do Not Disturb (DND) signage on my door.

"Neil?" I asked, and I was surprised to see him standing in front of my suite room door; I didn't expect him to return to my hotel room since I had told him I would only take a cab today. I suddenly felt conscious since I was still a mess, and I tightened the robe on my body.

"Good noon, Arabella," he said, and I was shocked that it was already noon time.

"Thank you, but you don't need to come back for me, Neil; I could take a taxi going to the hospital," I replied as I opened the door wide and asked him to get inside.

"You are welcome; I am happy to be of help and to be with you, Ara." He declared.


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