74 Not A Good Liar

Arabella's POV

"Aunt Clarissa, it is nice to see you awake and smiling," Neil said after we got back to my mom's room.

"Thank you, Neil, and I know you were the one who facilitated everything." She replied, wearing the same smile, and it felt so lovely to see my mom smiling again.

"It was Tyler who brought you here, stayed until the surgery was done, and made sure you were fine before he left to go back to the island," Neil responded.

My mother's smile widened while trying to pretend I didn't hear anything they were talking about because I couldn't ask them to stop talking about my ex when I knew I could have lost my mother if Tyler wasn't there when she collapsed.

It would be unethical for me to be angry at the moment because of our past. From now on, I need to accept Tyler will be part of their conversation from time to time; all I need to do is listen to them, and I will not take part in their dialogue.


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