8 My Restless Heart

Tyler's POV

I just asked Arabella to become my girlfriend. What the heck? Where did that question even come from? And I can't believe it just came out of my mouth suddenly. Now, I can say she will conclude her impression about me, well, I told her I could be her boyfriend if she needs me to.

I can identify by the shock that registered on her face, but she can't deny a part of her she wants to, and I don't want to take advantage of her; I am just so eager to help her because this is the first time I saw someone did something like this to a girl; I witnessed everything, and I can't neglect the image of Arabella that night.

She was broken-hearted and in pain; even now, she is still hurting. And right now, all I want for her is to forget everything, my mind is telling me not to care and not to get involved, but it is already too late, I asked her to stay at my house, and her beautiful innocent face is making my heart restless. I tried to ignore what I felt for her since I thought it was wrong, but I can't deny it; I am attracted to Arabella.

"Why do you care, Ty?" She demanded, and her hazel brown eyes looked directly at my soul. How am I going to answer her?

"Look, I knew you were hurting, Ara; it was just a friendly offer; if you don't like it, it will be fine with me. I wish to help you. Besides, I want to prove that I am not what you think I am." I said, and I sighed.

"You know, you were right. I am in too much pain right now, and I don't even realize how to face my sister. Your offer is so tempting, aside from the fact that all the girls in Perfect Blue Island are dying to be your girlfriend, and I wish to experience how it feels to be in your arms, but I don't want to use you, Ty, my heart is a mess right now." She said, and I laughed, and it made her look so confused.

"Ara, you just mentioned I am a heartbreaker, so why not gamble with me, be my girlfriend, but you can't fall in love with me." I offered again, and I wished to slap my face for acting this way, and it was not me at all. I asked no one to be my girlfriend except Emily.

"If you weren't a heartbreaker, can you tell me why I haven't seen you with one girl? I mean, you never had a serious relationship." Ara said.

"I keep my life private, Ara, especially my love life. If you become my sweetheart, I will tell you everything about me." I answered, and she raised her eyebrow.

"I know I can't urge you to believe in me, I will not push you, Ara, but I can say you will need my help. You must go home, and you can't just run away because your sister duped you. You are stronger than you think, Arabella." I said, and she smiled weakly at me; damn, even her smile can penetrate deep inside my soul.

"I lied when I told you I didn't fall in love before, and I did, Ara," I spoke, and it caught her off guard.

"You do?" She asked, surprised.

"Yes, but I am sorry, I don't wish to talk about her," I responded to close it. I wish her to think I also experienced how to fall in love.

I know how it hurts and hunts you for a long time, and that is why I don't want to undergo the same agony ever again. I call for a carefree way of life, away from the drama, but watching Ara's love story before my eyes touched my heart, so I offered her my help.

"Okay, I am sorry, Ty, you don't need to tell me everything." She declared, and I got up from the dining chair and started cleaning the table, but Ara was fast, and she beat me in going to the kitchen, and she washed the dishes without using the dishwasher.

She looks so sexy. And I turned around to prepare some green tea. I don't wish to continue watching her because I am afraid I can't contain myself from kissing her perfect sweet lips. To be honest, since the time I tasted her mouth, I wanted to savor it repeatedly; that is one reason I asked her to be my girlfriend, so I don't desire an alibi to kiss her again. I know by doing this, I am only fooling myself, but I can't help it.

We drink green tea in the living room, I wish she could have an excellent sleep tonight, and I hate myself because I keep on looking at her mouth. She caught me several times already. I could tell she blushed every time she saw me looking at her face, and she was just so beautiful. That is why I didn't have enough sleep last night thinking about her lovely heart-shaped face.

"Stop gawking at me, Ty, or I will believe you are interested in me." She said, and I liked her honesty; she was brave for telling what was in her mind, and I couldn't help myself from laughing; there was no way I would accept she was right.

"Arabella, I am looking at you because I am trying to assess if you are now fine, and based on my observations, tomorrow, if the weather is okay, I will send you home," I said, and she looked at me seriously.

"Do you think I can face them?" She asked, and her innocent demeanor made me want to come closer to her.

"Of course, you can; they don't deserve your tears anymore, they hurt you, and I think one night crying is sufficient," I said, and she smiled.

"You heard?" She asked, and I could tell she was shy about it, so I nodded my head.

"Did I keep you awake the entire night?" She inquired again, and this time I looked at her and shook my head. I can't tell her I didn't have an adequate sleep because I was thinking about her beautiful face and sexy body the entire night, not because I heard her crying.

I only listened to her sobs when I got down to check the wind and the rain at three o'clock in the morning. I wished to get inside her room and comfort her, but I didn't want to scare her away.

We said good night, and I moved to my bedroom and hit my soft bed. I lay awake thinking about what would happen to me after Ara leaves. I felt my life would never be the same again. I hate to think she needs to go, and I can't keep her here because I know Matthew will tell her family about her and me, and I wonder if Ara's mother knew the betrayal of the two people close to her.

Arabella wakes up early again, and she still prepared our breakfast, and I don't want to get used to her presence cooking and cleaning the house; and I can say it is in her nature to be so hardworking, and I am sure her parents can be so proud of her.

"I think I can drive you home now, Ara; the storm has gone." I declared, and she nodded.

"I will just take my things." She said, and I can see she is not eager to come home; well, who could be delighted when you know your sister who broke your heart is waiting for you? And your ex-boyfriend will be there, too, since I am confident Matt still wants Arabella.

And I am one hundred percent positive; Matt will try to win back Ara since I can tell he wants her more than he desires her sister. He was a jerk, and I would do everything in my power so that Ara would not go back to him.

I locked the main door, carried Ara's suitcase and went to my car. She settled in the front seat, and I could smell her shampoo and body wash, and I was trying my best to control my urge to hug her. I don't wish her to think I am a playboy, and I prefer her to admire me, and I will show her the real Tyler Edgebright.

She told me her home address, and she remained silent the entire ride. I wished to hold her hand and tell her everything would be alright, but I chickened out. I don't want her to pull her hand away from me since I don't like rejection.

When we arrived at their beautiful one-story house, I saw Matt's car in the driveway; Ara's sister and Matthew were on the front porch, looking so intimate, and I clenched my hands on the steering wheel, and I wanted to punch him now.

"Thank you for everything, Tyer; I owe you a lot." She declared, and I smiled at her. I could tell she was holding back her tears the time she looked at them together. But there is no way I will allow her to get inside her house without backup.

I opened her door and held her hand as she climbed out of my car, and out of the corner of my eye, the two lovebirds were watching the entire time from the porch. I held her tiny waist with my hands, and without asking permission, I kissed Arabella passionately, and I felt relieved when she kissed me back; it was quick but sweet, and the moment I released her, I watched her face blush.

"Thank you." She whispered in my ear, and I am glad she got why I did it, but for me, I had another reason for doing it. I wish to kiss Arabella Ravalli because I have been dying to do it since I first tasted her luscious mouth.

I know I am selfish, but I helped Arabella regain her self-esteem, and I wish her to face them with dignity. They hurt her, and I am here to support this innocent, beautiful young woman, whatever it takes.

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