67 Making New Memories

Arabella's POV

"I am sorry, I should have limited myself from drinking too much wine, I thought it could never make me drunk, but I felt so dizzy after I stood up and brought the utensils to the kitchen sink," Lera said by the time she joined us in the dining room.

"It was okay, my dear; at least you enjoyed the night," Elaine responded with a wide grin while I was smiling at her.

Elaine didn't fail us with her excellent cooking. She was one of the well-known chefs in the city. She has received many awards since she started cooking, which is why her restaurant is popular with the locals, and even foreigners will dine in at her restaurant. I am forever grateful to this woman who made me feel I am important and I matter in this world, and if not because of her, I didn't know where I could be right now.


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