The CEO’s Cold Hearted Ex

Eighteen years old Arabella "Ara" Ravalli was devastated when she did not catch the last ferry in going to the Island, she is on her way home because of an emergency. Tyler "Ty" Edgebright is on his way to the Perfect Blue Island Resort And Spa. He was on the harbor when he saw a beautiful young woman crying, and he cannot stop himself from admiring her angelic face since her beauty fascinated him. It shocked Ara when the famous"Island's Heartbreaker" Tyler, the hot and handsome son of the Business Tycoon who owned the five-star resort on the Island, offered her a free ride on his yacht in going home to the Island. Ara's boyfriend betrayed her with the person she trusted the most. His deception made her so lost and broken-hearted. ======= Excerpt: "I am not allowed to fall in love with you, right?" Arabella asked Tyler. "Yes." He replied. "What will happen if I will fall for you?" She asked. "Then, it is time we need to break up." He replied. Ara realized Ty's condition is a bit weird, but she grabbed it for she knew he is the only one who can help her mend her broken heart. But as they get to know each other, Ara realized she became more in love with Ty than her ex. Then one day Tyler breaks Arabella's heart when she finds out Tyler's greatest lie. It drove her to leave the Island with a promise that she would never set foot on the place where her heart had been shattered. But one incident caused Ara to return home to the Island, and she is compelled to face her ex-boyfriend, who is now the hot CEO of the Perfect Blue Island Resort. Tyler meets Ara again, she became more beautiful and gorgeous, but she came to be so cold towards him. Ty realized he wanted to win back Arabella's heart. But how can Ty change Ara's heart that turned harder than a stone, and colder than ice? Can Ara give herself a chance to trust and fall in love again with the same person who crushed her heart? ---------------------------------------------------- Thank you to all readers! Please support my other books entitled: Princess Malia's Secret Falling In Love With Miracle My Friend's Arrogant Brother Loving Madeline The Powerful Dragon Witch The CEO's Perfect Mistake You Can't Buy My Love

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Losing My Mind

Tyler's POV

"I am sorry, Ty; I begged my daughter to wait for you and give you a chance to explain your side because I believe that rumor is not true because I know how much you love Arabella," Clarissa said before I could even greet her. Worries were visible on her face as I sat on the patio chair beside her.

"I can see how you at Ara, and those gazes were enough to tell us; she is the only one you love. I wondered why you kissed that woman?" She asked. It felt like I couldn't breathe at all; I found it hard to talk as I could feel the soreness of my heart knowing Ara was gone.

"Mom, there is a misunderstanding. I know I should have taken precautions by avoiding Regina, but she is the town Mayor's daughter, and Conrad wanted me to spend time with his daughter during her entire stay." I declared.

"Is kissing Regina part of your agreement with the Mayor?" She asked, and I shook my head.