65 Letting Go

Arabella's POV

"Congratulations, Ara, you make me so proud of you," Elaine said after I got down from the stage and sat beside her during the oathtaking ceremony, and she was the only one who came and joined me on my special day.

"Thank you, Elaine," I said as I tried to look at the crowd for Lera. I felt sad she didn't make it; I was devastated when she failed the Nursing Licensure Examinations.

Yes! I am now a registered nurse, and I felt proud I graduated Magna Cum Laude even if I found it so hard to balance my work and studies at the same time, and it was all because of my boss, Elaine.

After working for her for one year, she treated me like her daughter. When her youngest child moved abroad, she asked Lera and me to stay with her at her house, and my life became better as I found a new family who loved me, and I realized we don't need to be blood-related to call each other a family.


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