30 Felling Secure

Arabella's POV

Tyler surprised me when he told me we were going to the mainland, and we got out of the office during lunchtime and proceeded to the port. We didn't bring clothes, and it was an unplanned trip, but one of the best adventures I had with him.

We ate, laughed, and made out the entire trip, and I couldn't stop having butterflies on my stomach as I sat with him on the upper deck of his yacht as we sailed. I could feel the ocean breeze that tickled my skin, and it lulled me to sleep, and I felt embarrassed when I found myself sleeping on his lap.

I didn't want to get up because it felt lovely to be near him; I could smell Tyler's masculine scent while his hand was caressing my head. I didn't want the day to end since I wanted to stay where I was, but we arrived on the mainland, and I could hear his gentle voice trying to wake me up from my nap.


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