15 Fair Enough

Arabella's POV

I could tell if Tyler was not with me, I would be crying as I watched my sister and Matthew holding hands with each other. And I couldn't deny that they looked great together, and even if I was hurting, I tried my very best to control my emotions because I didn't want them to know that I was dying inside.

It wasn't easy for me to accept that they betrayed me, and now they easily paraded in front of me. I could tell our competitors of our souvenir shop from the sales ladies, and the owners knew I was dating Matthew, but now he is dating my sister. It was humiliating on my part to be replaced by my sister.

I don't have a choice but to accept Tyler's offer, and I need to do it sooner because I am going crazy if I don't use any means I have to get back at them. I know it was a stupid idea, but there's no other alternative to keep my heart from being broken.

I know I have been hurt. My heart has been shattered into one million pieces, and I will never allow them to damage my heart more because I don't deserve this kind of treatment.

I wished they would stop seeing each other while I was on the island in the meantime because I was hurting, and they should consider how I felt, but I realized they were both not worthy of my time because they were both wicked and heartless.

I don't know where Tyler will bring me, but I am excited to spend more time with him because deep inside, I want to forget about my ex and my sister. I will do whatever it takes; to forget Matthew as fast as possible, which was my goal.

My dreams have been shattered because of him. He made me believe that we could be happy forever and grow old together. And now, it was all lies, and I hope a time will come when I can finally say I am over him, and I am excited for that day to come into my life because, as of now, I can feel the piercing of my heart.

I wanted to scream at Matthew's face and ask him why he did it to me, but l didn't dare to do it. I hate him for telling me to stay away from Tyler because he is so confident that the island's heartbreaker will break my heart, but I don't care anymore because all I want is to be free from pain.

I no longer felt ashamed as I held Tyler's hand, and I intertwined my fingers with him. And I felt so glad that he pulled me with him to go to his car.

"Are you okay, Ara?" I heard Tyler ask me while I was watching on the road as he drove away from the parking lot, and I slowly turned my head and looked at him.

"Never been better. I know my heart is not yet stable, but I want you to know, Tyler, you make me feel better, and thank you so much for saving me from my ex so many times now. And I don't know how I am going to pay you back for everything that you have done for me." I declared.

"You make my stay at the perfect blue Island fun even if I know I am still trying my best to mend my broken heart," I added as I smiled at him.

Ty smiled at me, and I can't deny every time I looked at his handsome face, I felt warm and excited, and his deep dimples always made him more attractive that is why I couldn't blame the girls for getting crazy with him.

"You want to pay me back?" He asked, and the amusement I saw on his face was priceless.

"Of course, I do; maybe when the right time comes, I can pay you back, Mr. Edgebright," I replied, and I could see that he was enjoying his time with me.

"You could pay me now, Ara." He said, and I raised my eyebrow as I looked at him sideways.

"Allow me to be your boyfriend, and I promised to be the best boyfriend ever." He said, and I smiled.

"Okay," I replied, and his car skidded, and I almost hit my head on the windshield of his car because I didn't fasten my seatbelt.

"I am sorry, Arabella. Are you okay?" He asked after he put the car at full stop.

"Yeah, I am fine; what happened, Ty?" I asked, and I wondered why we almost had an accident.

"I am sure I didn't expect you to say yes to my proposal to you; who could have thought that you would accept me as your boyfriend this afternoon? And I guess I will have a change of plan." He said as he smiled at me.

"Are you sure you want to be my girlfriend now, Arabella?" He asked, and I nodded my head, and Ty leaned down and gave me a light kiss on my lips before he captured my lips again with hunger.

We became breathless after letting go of each other, and I admit I enjoyed our kiss so much that I wanted a repeat. Still, I was too shy to initiate it, and Tyler smiled as he started the engine again, and we got back on the road, and I realized we were going to the resort.

"I want to kiss you more, Ara, but I want to have a nice view while I kiss you." He said, and I couldn't stop myself from having goosebumps, and I felt shy when I realized Ty had caught me touching my lips.

"So, how about the rules, Ty?" I asked him.

"The same rules will apply, Ara, I want to help you get over with Ty, but I want you to refrain from falling for me because I am not yet ready to commit myself, Ara. I like you, I can't deny the attraction, but it wouldn't be enough." He said, and I sighed.

"Well, that is fair enough for me, and I think that is the best solution for all this because I am just got my heart broken by Matthew, and I don't think I am also ready to have another relationship as of now and to be honest I wanted to forget about Matt quickly, and I think spending more time with you will make me forget about him," I said, and I felt him touch my hand.

"Of course, I want you to forget about Matt, Arabella, and I promised you I would do everything I can to make you forget about him. Just give me one week, and I will make you forget, Matthew Hydenson." He said, and I grinned at him.

The moment we arrived at the Perfect Blue Island Resort and Spa, I could see guests all over the place, and I could tell that everyone was having fun and enjoying the heat of the sun.

Maybe tourists came because for almost more than two days the weather was not good. The resort owned by Ty's family is a five-star hotel on The island.

I felt like someone important as Ty opened the car door for me, and he held my waist as I clambered of the car. He shocked me when he pressed my body against his vehicle and again captured my lips.

We shared another mind-blowing kiss that made me feel the knots on my stomach, and I could feel the butterflies on my chest, and I could tell right away that I became the envy of all the women at the resort, especially the staff who are working at the resort.

We were holding hands as he brought me to the resort's lobby, and the Front Office Staff were looking at me from head to toe. I suddenly felt shy, but when he draped his arm around my shoulders, I felt better as I tried to think we were a couple, but not the real deal because I couldn't fall in love with him.

"Where are we going, Ty?" I asked as we got inside the elevator.

"To my place." He whispered in my ear, and I could feel the hair at the back of my neck stand, and I can't deny I felt so excited to see his place, and when he pressed the button P, I realized he wasn't kidding at all. Until now, it still felt surreal that I am spending my time with Tyler Edgebright.

"Welcome to my place, Ara." He said, and my eyes widened as I got inside his penthouse, it was spacious and immaculate and clean, and I wanted to spend my entire day at his place. As he toured me around, I realized it had three bedrooms.

I loved everything I saw around me. When he brought me to the infinity pool, my mouth hung open as I could see the beautiful view before me, I could see the blue ocean that looked so inviting, and the garden that sprawls near the swimming pool took my breath away.

"I changed my mind, Ara; I want to take you to the ocean today, but since you accepted me as your boyfriend, we needed to celebrate, and for now, I want to go swimming with you at the infinity pool, and please stay the night; with me." He said, and I was stunned.

"Hey, Ara, I will not take advantage of you. I want you to know that my reputation was a lie. I respect women, and I don't want to force women into my bed; they usually throw themselves at me. And you have to, believe me, I am not what you think I am, Arabella." He added, and I laughed.

"You don't need to be so defensive, Ty. I know that by now, I slept in your yacht, and I stayed in your Villa. I was only shocked because I never expected you to want me to have a sleepover here in your penthouse; when did I become so lucky?" I asked, and it was his time to laugh.

"On the day I found you at the port." He said as he strode towards me, and when he pulled me closer to him, I took the initiative to kiss him first, and we shared another passionate kiss.

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