68 Bad News

Arabella's POV

Our vacation at Elaine's vacation home was terrific; my camping experience was exciting, the view from the top was mind-blowing, and if given another chance, I would do it again with them. The serenity in the woods relaxed me, and I could tell it regenerated my energy; as we were about to leave to travel back to the city, I felt disheartened since I had fallen in love with her log cabin.

"I will miss this place, Elaine," I blurted out.

"If you have time to relax during the holidays, you can come here, girls, and relax, especially you, Arabella. I am sure your work will be stressful and something you can't avoid feeling sad, especially if you will lose a patient, but that is reality, Ara." Elaine declared.

"In your line of work, you can see wonders that will take place every day, but there would be a time you will ask for miracles to happen to save people who are dying in the hospital bed." She added, and I couldn't disagree with her.


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